Sapphire Balconies: New Heights in Architectural Configuration

Sapphire Balconies, already the leaders in modular balcony construction, have partnered with Threekit to support COACH, an innovative new tool for designing and specifying balconies. COACH makes it easier than ever for designers, architects, builders, and everyone else to design custom, compliant balconies, as well as the necessary design outputs for manufacturing. That makes COACH a perfect example of how Threekit makes it possible for smart companies to transform the way business is done. Let's take a look.

Introducing the COACH Configurator


As you can see in the video above, the COACH configurator walks a designer through a simple series of specifying decisions. Compliance rules and structural requirements are already applied, restricting designers from creating non-compliant or impossible-to-build designs. That means designers don't have to worry about limiting their imaginations. They can manipulate options and arrive at the ideal design through a natural exploratory process.


While designing a balcony, different choices are visually updated in real-time in the 3D visualizer powered by Threekit's 3D technology. Even when governed by structural rules, the possibilities are practically endless, and that's where Threekit really shines. Our industry-leading asset management tools and 3D tech make it possible for every possible unique configuration to be visualized and updated in real-time. 

Showing that Sapphire's innovative spirit extends beyond the tool itself, COACH is offered as a free-to-use web app on Sapphire's website. Their goal is to open up the entire process of compliant balcony design, removing all unnecessary barriers. We believe this tool is defining a new approach to architectural configuration, one that will enable knowledge sharing, collaboration, and streamlining the entire process of creating specified structures.

"Threekit has empowered our customer experience by providing an immersive 3D configuration tool. It's helped increase our website traffic, led to faster conversions, and enabled better communication with our customers."
- Regan Cook, Marketing Manager, Sapphire Balconies


Sapphire is a family run business, approaching their fourth decade of providing a best-in-class product and service to their customers. Through the years, their innovative spirit hasn't let up, as illustrated by COACH. We're proud to be contributing to their ongoing story.

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