Reach 4 Key Audiences With Visual Configuration for Kitchen & Bath Sales

Couple looking at kitchen options through visual configuration for kitchen and bathIf you sell kitchen and bath products, you can understand the complications of showing precisely what these aesthetic and functional pieces have to offer. Catalogs and photos are great. But they can limit the imagination of customers who want personalized products. Visual configuration for kitchen and bath can take your sales to the next level by attracting new customers.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are some of the most popular projects, often recouping 100% or more ROI on renovation costs. But the individuals completing such remodels can overlook your products if they have no way to visualize them in the remodel. 

Static pictures on product packaging or in catalogs fail to allow shoppers to visualize the product in a different environment. Even worse, they often fall short of depicting the product's true beauty and most important features.  

So, how can you showcase different products to show the wow factor they really offer?

Visual configuration for kitchen and bath options showcases your configurable products in every way necessary to wow your customers and give them the confidence to buy. It offers drag-and-drop functionality to let users select products and place them right into any design and dynamic dimensions that change in real time.


As a result, customers can see exactly how your products will work in various environments.  

Consider the new audiences you can bring to your eCommerce shop or physical location with the powerful features of new technology.

How visual configuration enhances shopping for kitchen & bath products

Kitchens and bathrooms can be endlessly customized with various products, fixtures, and finishes. Yet, viewing building products separately often fails to showcase the appeal of a finished product. 

Visual configuration brings the power of dynamic 3D imagery and augmented reality to your marketing efforts; it provides shoppers with the full picture. When your customers can see your products from every angle and utilize augmented reality (AR) functionality to place the product in their environment, they gain the confidence to make purchases that revolutionize your sales. 

Gain attention from these four new audiences with visual configuration for kitchen and bath materials


Whether you sell kitchen and bath products online or in a physical store, it's a tough market to properly reach. 

Your products build beautiful, functional kitchens and bathrooms that can improve home values. However, many kitchen and bath retailers are stuck in a rut of selling to only DIYers making required repairs. 

With visual configuration, you can attract a variety of shoppers in the market for products to create entire rooms, including: 

1. DIY home renovators

DIY home renovation is on the rise. A whopping 52% of Americans who completed a home renovation in the past year did the work themselves. 

These consumers often have little background in design and build projects, making visualization a crucial part of choosing high-value products. 

Ninety percent of DIYers research online before going to a store and making a purchase; 59% look up additional information while shopping in-store. No matter where you sell your products, highly detailed digital images play a big part in increasing your sales capability. 

3D images provide your customers with dynamic visuals that allow users to zoom, rotate, and view products from every angle. They can even display the intricacy of different products with advanced configuration options for added personalization. 

When AR is added to the mix, new products can be virtually added to a design before the project begins. 

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2. Home flippers


Real estate professionals who take advantage of low home prices and then sell after making renovations can make a big profit. But without access to highly detailed visuals of new products on the market, home flippers can quickly go over budget by making poor product choices. 

Cost is key for home flippers. So these shoppers also need key visuals to ensure they're getting a product that will entice future buyers. 

Visual configuration for kitchen and bath meets both of these needs. It allows shoppers to customize items for maximum aesthetic value while seeing the related price changes in real time. As a result, home flippers can maximize their investment dollars with the ability to “try before they buy” and see the value of every addition.  

3. Professional contractors

Modern consumers expect contractors to prove their expertise with visuals of a remodel that has yet to begin. 

Kitchens and baths are some of the most expensive and challenging rooms for a remodel. As the cost of building products continues to soar and supply chain issues disrupt remodeling projects, homeowners working with professionals are seeking ways to cut costs without sacrificing the finished project. 

As a result, 40% of homeowners would be willing to sign a contract with a contractor to lock in pricing but wait more than three months to begin work.

Contractors with the tools to allow customers to visualize a design plan before purchasing supplies are more likely to be able to meet such demands. When you utilize visual configuration for your kitchen and bath products, you can provide professional contractors with the tools that meet their needs without requiring them to invest in new equipment. 

This could mean a big increase in sales when you build valuable relationships with customers who are most likely to make repeat purchases. 

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4. DIFM Home Renovators

Shopper using visual configuration for kitchen and bath to decide on renovation products

Personalization is a critical part of a successful renovation. Many homeowners who don't have the capability or the knowledge to perform DIY renovations still want some input in the design process. 

Do it for me (DIFM) remodelers are homeowners investing in remodeling projects but hiring pros to do the work. These shoppers have likely taken the time to research the changes they're seeking to cut product costs and focus their investment on professional builders. As such, they're interested in digital communications and highly detailed visuals that allow them to see the final project before investing in the build. 

DIFM is not the opposite of DIY. In fact, many of these projects are DIY-inspired. 

However, complex plumbing and electrical work are a vital part of most kitchen and bath remodels. That's where the pros come in. 

At the product research and purchase stage, your customers are likely to be homeowners seeking detailed visuals to illustrate the products that will best enhance your home. Momentum is building for the DIFM movement; you can be in the prime position to capture a new audience with powerful visual configuration tools. 

Visual configuration for kitchen and bath products provides your customers with compelling images. It's also a vital tool for ensuring your products will work in the varied environments of home remodeling projects. To create the visual experience your customers expect in this continually evolving market, learn more about visual configuration with Threekit today.