Hangout Lighting: A Brighter 3D Configurator for Lighting

Our spaces say a lot about us, and nothing sets the mood more than our choice of lighting. Today, more than ever, an excellent product configurator for lighting is critical for retailers specializing in interior light options. Since the pandemic, we’ve grown accustomed to doing nearly all of our shopping online for items we previously would have waited to buy until we got an in-person look. This is certainly true of the interior lighting category. In addition to the actual light provided, shoppers want to ensure that the overall look and design of their lamps or other lighting sources fit into their existing or desired decor. That’s why Chicago’s Hangout Lighting, a boutique lighting purveyor that houses an impressive inventory of styles and options, built the ultimate 3D product configurator for lighting.


HangoutLights customizer


Visuals are king in the world of eCommerce. In fact, a recent study found that 83% of customers pointed to images as the most influential factor in their online purchase decisions. And this was just hypothetical--if we take into account the fact that lighting fixtures or other interior decor items are highly visual in nature, we can only assume that this preference is even more important for potential Hangout Lighting customers. We can also assume that customers are looking for customization and interactive experiences when shopping for lights. A 3D configurator gave Hangout Lighting a chance to showcase their entire inventory in a sleek, easy-to-use online experience while enabling browsing customers to create their ideal light solution and watch it come to life in real time.

In many ways, a 3D product configurator actually provides shoppers with more to see than they would in a traditional onsite purchase journey. For example, the Hangout Lighting 3D configurator enables them to give customers a look at virtually every possible permutation their vast inventory allows, which is far more than a showroom floor could ever accommodate. Rather than reading a list of possible variations or looking at stills in a catalogue, users have a chance to choose what sounds right, click on it, and experience it in its final form before making a decision. Let’s take a look at what customers encounter when searching for the perfect lighting solution on Hangout Lighting’s website.


Pick a Fixture, Any Fixture

hangout lighting customizer


Before exploring Hangout Lighting’s myriad of accessory and style options, users first must pick a fixture. They’re greeted with a sleek, modern, highly visual design that invites them to start designing their own by choosing a foundation. For this example, we’ll be using the Single Pendant, but as users scroll down they find a host of fixture options they can consider to start their journey. On the left, you’ll also noticed a helpful filter application to help users jump to the solution they have in mind if they know exactly what they want.


Immediate Interaction

hangout lighting light customizer



The moment users select a fixture, in this case the Single Pendant, they’re greeted with a simple, intuitive, interactive experience. By default, they can drag their mouse in any direction to use the 360-degree product viewer. This provides a look at the fixture and default bulb from virtually every angle. Users can also activate a zoom feature by simply scrolling up to zoom in and scrolling down to zoom out. These functions help online shoppers answer most of their own questions as they arise, which is incredibly empowering. When people have a chance to guide themselves toward the solution that fits best, they’re more likely to add an item to their cart and click buy.  


Accessories On Top of Accessories

lighting customization optionslighting customization optionslighting customization options


On the right-hand margin within the 3D configurator, users are presented with a host of accessory options. When they scroll down they can explore cord options of nearly every color and style and click to see how it will fit into the fixture visual on the left. They can also try out various socket styles and even designer light bulbs of nearly every variety.

Drop-down menus provide even more accessory categories including ceiling plates, shades, and cord lengths. This stage of the experience takes all the guesswork out of the shopping experience providing further confidence for the shopper.


Personalization Service & Shareability

lighting customization options


When a user has built the perfect lighting solution, complete with the ideal ceiling plate, cord design, and bulb option, they can even provide unique notes for the Hangout Lighting team before adding the item to their cart. They can also save out the link for future reference, or save out an image of their final product to share with family or roommates. By this point in the customer’s journey, they’ve developed a positive bond with the Hangout Lighting brand.



Successful by Design

It won’t be long before robust visual experiences like this are the status quo. As mentioned earlier, lighting and interior design are purely visual and homeowners, designers, and anyone looking to improve their lighting are going to want to see what they’re getting into while they’re browsing online. Furthermore, the pandemic has increased online shopping expectations dramatically and in nearly every category.

The team at Threekit helped Hangout Lighting design and build their 3D configurator and they’ve done the same for brands in nearly every category. Threekit has roots in Hollywood CGI effects, meaning their standards for visual quality were high long before online shopping took an interest. Their virtual photographers work closely with clients to ensure the experience is precisely what their business needs. And they work with some of the world’s leading marketing agencies to provide the latest, most modern experiences online. If you’re ready to provide an online lighting and interior design shopping experiences customers expect, get in touch today for a consultation or demo.