Introducing Threekit's Magical Product Experiences for Manufacturing: Elevate Your Buyer Journey with Innovative Visual Commerce

We're excited to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Magical Product Experiences for Manufacturing, a comprehensive suite of buyer experiences designed to help manufacturers showcase their product catalog and boost sales across various channels, including sales, dealer portals, eCommerce, and more.


Why Magical Product Experiences Matter

A Gartner study reveals that 95% of a buyer's time is spent doing digital research on their own. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not provide an exceptional digital experience that allows everyone in the buyer cycle to explore the product on their own. This is where Threekit's Magical Product Experiences come in to revolutionize the buyer journey.

Unleashing the Power of Visual Commerce

Our suite includes an array of cutting-edge tools, such as:

Transforming Manufacturing with Proven Results

Manufacturers leveraging Threekit Visual Commerce have reported remarkable results, including increased sales, higher conversion rates from web to lead, fewer errors, improved post-order manufacturing efficiency, and reduced costs associated with custom renders and photography.

Ulrich Lifestyle Structures experienced a more than 250% increase in sales, while BostonTec, a leading custom workspace company, saw a 30% increase in their qualified pipeline. Top manufacturers such as Sloan, Hyster-Yale, Steelcase, HP, and Milwaukee Tool also use Threekit to enhance their buying experience.

Matt Gorniak, the CEO of Threekit, shared his excitement about the launch, stating, "Our mission is to empower manufacturers to deliver visual experiences that captivate their buyers throughout the journey. With our advanced visual commerce solutions, manufacturers can now provide the immersive, interactive experiences that today's buyers demand."

Ready to elevate your buyer journey with Threekit's Magical Product Experiences for Manufacturing.