Introducing Threekit Spaces: The Next Generation of Room Planners


One thing we’re always looking to do is bring together amazing functionality and user-friendliness. When it comes to existing floor planners on the market, the feedback we’ve heard is that they’re overly-complicated and difficult for the average buyer or dealer to use. That's why today, we're launching Threekit Spaces: To take out the guesswork and superfluous detail and provide shoppers with simple essential options to customize their floor plan. 

When planning furniture placement and installations for a room, ease and precision are critical. Threekit Spaces marries easy, intuitive functionality with pinpoint accuracy. With it, users can draw their space in real time and build and place custom materials–cabinets, doors, windows and appliances–exactly where they belong. Plus, they can order directly from the manufacturer or dealer without having to contact and work through a salesperson. 

We're also proud that Spaces will go live with Whalen Furniture, a category leader in custom home, garage and office furniture. Their partnership with Scott Living, the home brand founded by designers and TV hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott, to bring their line of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, closets and garage storage to market is groundbreaking. Because of the custom nature of these products, they needed a way for designers, dealers and end users to configure their furniture in real time and make sure it fit accurately in a given space.  We look forward to their experience going live in a next few weeks. 

Starting today, brands that want to provide custom solutions for floor planning can make it happen with Threekit Spaces. Additionally, they can expect significant business benefits–higher on-site conversion, less costly product returns and an efficient way to empower dealers and salespeople. 

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