Shop Threekit: the World's First 3D Marketplace

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Shop Threekit. Shop Threekit is the world’s first multi-brand 3D marketplace. That means it’s the first place on the web where virtual shoppers can go to find the best customizable products with high-end eCommerce customer experiences to match.

Why does that matter? Well, according to a 2020 Harris Poll, the majority of consumers report preferring to shop in 3D and AR. Now, rather than being pleasantly surprised when they find a quality shopping experience online, they can seek those experiences out directly in what amounts to a virtual, high-end shopping district.



As of its launch this morning, Shop Threekit features dozens of quality brands across a variety of product categories, ranging from furniture (Crate & Barrel, Lovesac, etc.) to sporting goods (TaylorMade Golf, PRx Performance, etc.). We’re thrilled to showcase our customers while helping spread the word about the amazing eCommerce customer experiences we’ve built together. Our customers are excited, too.

“Threekit is a game-changer for our customers. Their 3D technology lets our customers create a home gym that perfectly fits their space, so PRx Performance can help them fit fitness into their busy lives. With Threekit, we’re able to create a memorable product experience for our customers.”

- Hannah Savoy, PRx Performance


We’ll continue to add more beautiful and immersive experiences to the Shop Threekit marketplace, so make sure to check it out today and come back soon to see what’s new.

Interested in showcasing your brand on Shop Threekit? Contact us today to find out how.