How a WooCommerce Product Configurator Helps Builders Stay in Budget

Contractor and project manager determining the final specs to put in a WooCommerce product configurator

Time is of the essence in the construction industry, and professionals try their best to get the job done within the shortest time possible and within the allocated budget. A WooCommerce product configurator is one of the tools your shoppers can bet on to complete projects on time. 

From reducing delays to ensuring they have up-to-date documentation, this configurator offers experiences that take performance to a whole new level.

If your online store serves architects, builders and contractors in the construction industry, learn how a WooCommerce product configurator can breathe new life into your sales. Here are some of the benefits of adding a WooCommerce product configurator to your online store.

It Offers Customers the Flexibility to Fully Customize Projects

With a WooCommerce product configurator, shoppers and their teams can successfully make changes to initial designs in real time. Shoppers get to see the new product variations on the product page, and that can go a long way in ensuring any job at hand is completed on time. 

A fully functional custom product builder ensures that shoppers can make any product configuration with ease. It does so by ensuring everyone involved has access to in-depth product images and customization options.

For example, if a builder’s client wants a custom door, the builder can create custom options with the right dimensions and hardware. Their customers can further customize the product’s color, materials and add-ons.

It is a perfect addition to your tools if your shoppers have multiple parties that need to visualize and agree to customizations.

Real-Time Pricing Updates

Project manager showing clients product options in a WooCommerce product configurator

A pricing update often follows any modification to a product or project. A WooCommerce product configurator is all you need to provide up-to-date information about pricing whenever shoppers change customizable products. 

For any modification shoppers can make, a product configurator with CPQ integration can auto-adjust prices in real time.

If you're doing this the old-school way, your salespeople will need to create manual quotes and send them to waiting builders and contractors. That may seem an easy task at first. But if they have to make numerous modifications to their projects (which is common), then you may end up spending too much time calculating new prices. 

Click here to learn more about how a WooCommerce product configurator can ensure your shoppers get real-time pricing updates. This can go a long way in ensuring they complete their projects on budget and come back for future purchases.

Clear Documentation for Manufacturing

A small mistake in documentation and product specs can be very costly in construction. 

For example, using erroneous documentation to order construction materials may result in ordering the wrong materials. This, of course, will make a big dent in your customers’ budgets and lead to extreme dissatisfaction.

A WooCommerce product configurator is designed to help with making accurate documentation for every shopper’s projects. From reflecting every change they make to creating customized manufacturing documents, it continuously ensures your team has reliable documentation for manufacturing.

For every customization shoppers make to your products, all of the data auto-updates. This ensures everyone has the right information to match the new variation. 

That means you can be sure to never miss any details regarding pricing, materials and specifications. The WooCommerce product configurator automatically creates the documentation based on the final selections.

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Reduce Returns and Delays

Delays and change orders are common in the construction industry. They continue to frustrate the efforts of builders to complete projects on time. Thankfully, tools like WooCommerce product customizers have made it possible to minimize delays and keep returns low in recent years.

Product configurators have become of great help to builders because of their ability to help them visualize the fit products even before the actual ones are fabricated. This is possible because of powerful product configurators such as Threekit's augmented reality feature.

Augmented reality makes sure you can see how products will appear when installed. Designers, contractors and even their clients can give a green light for the product with an assurance that the final product will be an exact match to what they need. 

Using AR, shoppers can view any configuration as it appears in real life. Then they can request changes if they’re not pleased with what they see.

For example, suppose a shopper wishes to have some custom faucets. In that case, they can use the AR functionality of your visual product configurator to set the faucet “on” their sink. 

This ensures you are on the same page with the manufacturer and product designer on the final product design. 

With this approach, you can minimize returns that happen due to the design of the wrong products. That will further help everyone avoid delays, which are often costly in the long run for your customers.

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Breathe New Life Into Your Product Pages With Threekit's WooCommerce Product Configurator

Visual product configurators benefit builders in many ways when used in the right manner. They can streamline their day-to-day activities, especially those that give them sleepless nights, such as:

  • Eliminating delays and returns
  • Real-time pricing
  • Customization of configurable products

Essentially, configurators are tools your shoppers can bet on to stay on budget throughout all their projects.

Threekit's product configurator offers everything any builder needs to browse products, customize their specifications and stay within the allocated budget.

You and your team also benefit. Virtual photography converts your physical inventory into high-quality 3D images that shoppers can engage with without feeling frustrated or limited. This leads to more customer confidence, more sales and, ultimately, more revenue.

Moreover, its compatibility with major eCommerce platforms such as WordPress is something you will love. It is not just designed for WooCommerce stores. So, if you created your online store on other platforms, be sure to try it. 

Also, if you need any assistance to ensure you get great experiences on both the front end and back end, our technical team is always ready to help.

Are you ready to drive more sales with better visuals, but you're unsure about how you can use the WooCommerce product configurator to take your performance a notch higher? Get in touch with us to learn more about how this product configurator makes that possible.