How to Use Threekit Spaces for Kitchens

Threekit Spaces offers a revolutionary way to enhance the product experience for customers. By utilizing advanced features and integrations, users can create stunning visual representations of their kitchen designs.

Key Takeaways

  • Threekit Spaces empowers shoppers to create a layout and populate it with your products.
  • Automated order processing reduces error and speeds production time by providing all necessary product specifications.
  • Using accurate, high-quality visuals increases customer satisfaction and engagement.

Inspiring Customers with Threekit Spaces

Designing a kitchen can be a time-consuming, frustrating experience for customers. It often requires using multiple programs to ensure items fit into a space, and there's no guarantee products will aesthetically complement each other and the space. This frustration is a bar to purchasing and can result in costly product returns and dissatisfied customers.

Threekit's Spaces eliminates that frustration, empowering users with a customized visualization tool that provides an intuitive, user-friendly design. As with all Threekit products, Spaces seamlessly integrates with ecommerce tools like Salesforce, Magento, BigCommerce, commercetools, SAP, Shopify and WooCommerce. Customers can smoothly navigate to it while on your site, increasing engagement and likelihood of conversion.

lookbook-Threekit Spaces

When planning appliance and furniture placement and installations, ease and precision are critical. With Spaces, users can draw their kitchen layout in real-time and build and place custom materials–cabinets, doors, windows and appliances–exactly where they belong. 

The grid layout makes dimensions easy to see and customize, down to the inch. The customer can then select your products, installing items to see accurate visual representation of their size and dimensions. They can see items in 2D or 3D, marrying the best of both digital and in-store shopping experiences.

Furthermore, with direct access to the manufacturer's color palette and high-quality images that enable granular detail on texture and sheen, customers are able to verify a unified creation. This increases buying confidence and trust in the brand, as well as significantly reducing product return rates.

Threekit Spaces

Finally, customers can order directly from the manufacturer, knowing their unique needs are met and having an accurate understanding of how items can fit into their kitchen.

When they place their order, the exact specifications are automatically sent to the manufacturer, reducing error and speeding production time. CAD files, assembly instructions and a bill of materials are also automatically provided, enabling a faster build and more satisfied customers. 

High-Quality Visuals

To ensure the best consumer engagement and satisfaction, high-quality visuals are essential. Whether utilizing Threekit's Virtual Photographer for perfect 2D renders and lifestyle scenes, or our interactive 3D images with functions such as zoom, rotate and augmented reality (AR), our tools can easily scale to include all items in your catalog at just a few mouse clicks.

Threekit's robust asset management library comes pre-populated with textures such as wood grain, steel, marble and more, further easing the process of producing stunning visuals of your products.

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Simplify the process of designing complex spaces and encourage consumer loyalty with Threekit Spaces and our visualization and CPQ solutions. Get started by scheduling your free demo today.