How to Make Your Apparel Configurator Showcase Your Brand Identity

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Different product configurator tools can set your store apart from your competitors. Using an apparel configurator for your e-commerce store is a fantastic way to personalize your audience's shopping experience online. 

In real time, you can give them enhanced customization functionality and create an interactive virtual reality experience. The question then becomes, "How do I present this capability to my customers in a way that showcases it as a part of my eCommerce platform's brand? 

In this post, we'll look at ways you can make your apparel configurator showcase your brand identity. 

1. Use Your Marketing Materials to Share the Ways Your Configurator Supports Your Brand Values

An apparel configurator allows retailers to deliver customization options and stunning 3D visuals to help customers make more informed purchasing decisions. Both of those capabilities speak to superior customer service, which is likely a value you want to be embedded into your brand. 

You can use marketing communication materials to highlight how an apparel configurator supports this. Here are the following resources you can use to highlight the versatility that an apparel configurator gives your customers: 

  • Your website: Your landing page can highlight the flexibility of the tool. 
  • Your social media profiles. Aside from connecting with your customers for promotion and feedback, you can also tell them how easy it is to buy from you via these channels. 
  • Your ads: You can use advertising for more than just highlighting your product benefits

2. Show Your Customers How Personalization Helps Turn Them Into Brand Ambassadors

Your apparel configurator can do more than just create custom products. It turns every single one of your customers into a designer with ownership over their own product. 

If you have a well-established and highly sought-after brand, the apparel configurator turns your customers into brand ambassadors. 

If your brand isn't as well-established, that's okay. You're giving your customers the opportunity to get in on the ground floor, creating new and exciting products from their own sense of style. 

Tap into this innovative spirit when you communicate with your customers, whether that's via your website, email marketing, or social media. Talk to your audience about how the apparel configurator puts them in the driver's seat. Emphasize that it allows them to shape their own experience with your brand. 

When you enable your customers to help build their own product, you allow them to become part of your brand. This is how you build a loyal following. 

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3. Ensure Your Product Configurator Page Visually Supports Your Brand

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Your 3D configurator is a useful tool your customers can use to:

  • Personalize their custom pieces
  • View your products in crystal clear detail
  • Have access to your entire customizable portfolio

So when they come across the apparel configurator in your eCommerce platform or Shopify store, that page should match your brand. 

You'll want your logo and colors prominently displayed, as well as any slogans that reflect your brand. Having different colors or unfamiliar messaging can lead to some brand confusion for your audience. 

You selected the visual cues associated with your brand for a reason. They help tell your brand's story. So having them included as part of your apparel configurator page only makes sense. 

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4. Highlight Custom Products That Promote Brand Alignment

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Your ability to provide product customization through a visual product configurator is one of your eCommerce store's greatest strengths. Because of this, you can develop customized apparel that can align with your brand and then show that off to your audience. 

For example, let's say your brand is that of a fun, edgy, irreverent company that produces novelty t-shirts. You can prominently display some of the t-shirts either you or your users have created. 

Whatever your product customizer can come up with, you can use those products across your website and other platforms to promote the link between your brand and what you actually produce.

5. Create Your Own Sample Apparel

If you haven't developed any apparel yet that serves as a perfect reminder of the power of your brand, why not create your own sample products? 

There are a lot of benefits to this. 

To start, you can help your customers better visualize what it is you do on your eCommerce site. It can also get your customers' creative juices flowing when it's time for them to create their own custom products. 

Having a unified brand identity should be clear in every product you create. Developing sample pieces using your apparel configurator demonstrates this in a very real, powerful way. 

The great thing about your sample pieces is that you're in complete control over their content, look, and makeup. Sure, it's great to highlight customer-designed products. But there's no guarantee they'll all accurately reflect your brand. 

With sample pieces created by your team, you can help control the conversation your customers are having with your brand. You can also shape how they understand it. 

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6. Show the Power of the Apparel Configurator in Action

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An apparel configurator is an easy-to-use tool that your customers will appreciate. It helps improve their overall customer experience. 

But how do you communicate to your customers what the value of the product configurator is?

Creating a short, simple video can help do this. 

A member of your team can make a short video of themselves using the apparel configurator to build their own custom product. This accomplishes a few things: 

  • Displaying just how easy it is to use the configurator. 
  • Serving as a step-by-step tutorial. 
  • Underlining how user-friendly your website — and, by extension, your brand — really is.

No matter what brand identity you have, you'll want to have an element of fast, effective customer service baked into it. A video speaks to that need. It communicates valuable information to your audience, helps make them more comfortable with your product, and also demonstrates the value of the tool all in one fell swoop. 

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