How a BigCommerce Product Customizer Will Raise Your eComm Game

In today's cut-throat eCommerce marketplace, you need to leverage the most effective solutions to gain an edge over the competition. And the best solution for your BigCommerce store should be one that helps meet the immediate needs of your customers.



Table configurator

A BigCommerce customizer for a table (



Did you know that 32% of customers demand customized offerings? Also, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalized experiences. Companies that provide experiences can generate 4-8% higher revenue than the rest. Product customizers can deliver customized offerings and personalized experiences to help you meet the demands of modern consumers and entice first-time buyers. You need a BigCommerce product customizer to raise your e-commerce game.


What is a BigCommerce Product Customizer?

A BigCommerce product customer (as known as a "product configurator") is an interactive tool with live 3D models that enables online shoppers to explore products extensively, just like in a physical store. Potential customers can also design or customize products to meet their unique needs by adding or applying custom options like features, colors, materials, and more before buying. BigCommerce customizers are web-based 3D configurators, which means the customer can explore and create the product of their dream on your site. It is designed to offer a variety of options and give customers control over the design process. Advanced BigCommerce customizers offer robust features like a 360° viewer and a zoom feature for in-depth inspection of products to enhance understanding. The benefits of implementing a BigCommerce product customizer in your store are enormous.


4 Advantages of using a BigCommerce Product Configurator

Using a BigCommerce product configurator can raise your e-commerce game on several levels. It will differentiate your store from the competition, increase conversion rates, drive engagement on your site, and improve communication.


1. Differentiate your Store

Don’t you sometimes wish for something different to help your store stand out from the crowd? Product customizers are unique and can help differentiate your store from the rest. Having 3D product configurations on your BigCommerce site will do more than proclaim your professionalism and competence. It creates a perception that your store is a trusted, reliable, and experienced brand, which can entice shoppers who have been disappointed by less sophisticated online stores. For example, Stratis uses a BigCommerce product customizer that allows potential buyers to explore and inspect tables extensively, just like in a physical store.


table top customizer

A 360-degree viewer on Stratis table customizer (


The customizer is designed with tools like a 360-degree viewer on the lower left side of the model that allows the customer to rotate the table and explore it from all angles. The customer can also zoom in on specific features for an in-depth inspection. Giving the customer the tools they need to make informed purchase decisions quickly is a major competitive advantage. It will advertise your dedication to customer satisfaction and differentiate your store from the rest. A BigCommerce customizer is all you need to stand out from the crowd.



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2. Increase conversion/sales

When it comes to conversions, you need to improve customers’ confidence as much as possible. This is what product customizers were designed to do. Online shoppers are more confident when they are in control of the design process. With BigCommerce configurators, online shoppers have all the tools and features they need to create products that address their unique needs. Product customization is important if you offer products like a table that has to fit in available space within the home or business premises.


customizing table dimensions in real time

Choosing the size of tables using Stratis customizer (


A BigCommerce customizer can help the customer choose the right size and shape of the table, which will enhance their confidence that it will fit in the available space in their home. Customers are emotionally invested in their creations and willing to pay up to 19% more if they customize the product themselves.

The customizer also provides substantial information about the table to enhance customers’ understanding. It allows for informed decision-making and can increase confidence that the table will meet their needs. BigCommerce product customization can convince customers to pay top dollar for your products and increase sales. Your store needs a BigCommerce product customizer to help improve customers’ confidence in your products and increase your conversion rates.


3. Drive engagement and time on your site

To improve engagement on your BigCommerce site, you need a 3D configurator to grab and hold the attention of potential customers. Advanced product customizers are designed with interactive 3D configurations powered by live 3D models that can attract window shoppers. With Stratis’ table customizer, customers can interact and play around with the table’s interactive 3D model by applying different custom options to how each option looks.


custom options for online table customizer

Custom options offered by Stratis customizer (


It takes the customer on a journey, demonstrating how tables are designed and manufactured. It is highly likely that they return to your site again and again. With a BigCommerce product customizer in your store, you have infinite engagement opportunities to exploit and convert window shoppers into first-time buyers. Product customization can entertain competitors’ customers and give you enough time to make your case and convince why your store and offers are better. It can improve engagement on your site and help you poach customers from the competition.


4. Improve communication between you and customers

A BigCommerce product configurator is designed to streamline and improve communication between you and customers. Customizers are powered by live 3D models of your products. You can use high-quality virtual photos of your products to create interactive 3D models that allow potential buyers to interact and explore your products extensively, just like in a physical store. Color is one of the most difficult elements to describe and can lead to miscommunication. With a product customizer, you can highlight all the different colors available for each product alongside the 3D model to allow the customer to select more accurately.


color options for table customizer


Stratis color options (


The Stratis customizer allows customers to choose the perfect for their table from 26 different colors. It offers unique colors and shades like Java, Orange Wood, Sable, Icicle, Cider, Norway, and many more, which would have been difficult to describe in words. Potential customers can also use a 360-degree viewer and zoom feature to understand the product better.


real time interactive views for table customizer


Once they finish their customization, the configurator has a feature that allows them to save it and download a quote. With interactive 3D models, customers will understand your products better than from pictures, prerecorded videos, or any other traditional options. Product customizers also allow you to provide additional information on the page to communicate the product’s selling points and value more clearly. Implementing a product customizer on your site is the most effective way to eliminate miscommunication.

Threekit offers a BigCommerce product customizer that can help raise your e-commerce game. It is designed with interactive 3D product models, a 360-degree viewer, zoom capabilities, and tons of features to help you and your customer. Please contact us to learn more and schedule some time with one of our experts.