3 Ideas on How the Apple Vision Pro Will Change Retail

While the jury is still decidedly out, the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro may mark a pivotal moment for the commerce landscape. We gave our initial assessment of what it could mean back when it was announced. Here's where we stand now that the vision has become a bit more clear. 

We put our visual commerce hat (or headset) on to propose three unique commerce experiences that the Vision Pro will enable:

1. The Infinite Canvas: Redefining Product (and Product Experience) Comparison

Imagine a world where product comparisons take place not on flat screens, but within a dynamic, three-dimensional space. The Vision Pro's "infinite canvas" allows users to view several browsers simultaneously, manipulate and customize products and perform seamless side-by-side comparisons in life-size detail. 

And in a world where you’re comparing products side by side, you’re also comparing shopping experiences. Which will you choose? Likely the one that draws you in with beautiful visuals, immersive configuration and virtual try-on. 

Infinite canvas apple

This is going to push brands to put forth their best and could empower more informed decision-making beyond simple transactions. Brands who do it right will foster deeper engagement and loyalty.

2. Remote Clienteling: Personalized Luxury Reimagined

For luxury brands, fostering close relationships with high-value clients is paramount. 

These customers return to luxury stores repeatedly, and not just for the brand clout. Having a client advisor who knows you, your preferences and can provide access to new, exclusive products (w/ a side of champagne) is an experience second to none.

The problem is that these customers live all over the world while these store experiences live in a few select cities. 

The Vision Pro unlocks a novel approach to client engagement – personalized, virtual shopping experiences. With the Vision Pro, the advisor can invite the customer into the store anytime. Clients can remotely stroll through the store, guided by the advisor who showcases exclusive products and offer tailored recommendations. 

The goal? Eliminate geographical barriers and foster brand loyalty.

3. Shoppable Everything: Transforming Browsing into Buying

Imagine stepping inside a virtual showroom where every element is not just viewable, but instantly purchasable. With the Vision Pro's spatial mapping technology, users can explore environments like dream homes, virtually interacting with furniture, décor, and even artwork.

You can tap a couch and configurator options pop up, enabling you to select and see the fabric, dimensions and hardware. In this application, each item becomes a potential purchase, blurring the lines between browsing and buying and creating an interactive shopping journey.


woman shopping on couch

On their product page, Apple reports that brands like J. Crew, Lowes and Wayfair are already taking advantage with try-on and spatial design experiences.

The question remains “how” all brands will ready themselves to get the most out of this new technology.

Hint: It isn’t with the standard lifestyle images and assets that populate their experiences today. 

The Vision Pro is a spatial user experience that promises depth and immediacy. This means 3D will play a starring role. High-resolution product models, dynamic configurators, and personalized experiences are the keys to unlocking the full potential of immersive commerce, and ultimately, the Apple Vision Pro itself.