Elevating the Customer Journey: A Salesforce + Threekit Collaboration


Threekit is excited to unveil a new partnership that will elevate the customer experience: the seamless integration of software company Salesforce and its immersive portfolio of products known as Customer 360. By visually taking you through the customer journey, you'll get a better understanding of how Threekit has transformed the customer experience, and will continue to do so even better now with the Salesforce ecosystem behind it.


The Customer Journey

Let's dive into an example customer journey to understand how Threekit enhances touchpoints across the entire Customer 360 experience:


Online Exploration with 3D Configurator: Imagine a potential buyer eager to purchase an exquisite piece of jewelry. They land on the website and begin to engage with the 3D configurator, exploring and changing the product to customize their end design.

2D Renderings and Display Ads: If the buyer isn't immediately sold on the product after experimenting wit the configurator, Threekit and Salesforce work seamlessly to send beautiful 2D renderings of the customized product via e-mail and display ads through Marketing Cloud.

How to Purchase the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Mobile Exploration and In-Store Experience: The customer, enticed by the personalized rendering, might return to the configuration via e-mail on their mobile device. For an in-depth experience, they decide to visit the store. Here, a client advisor armed with an iPad can access the customer's configuration history and guide them through complementary products.

Post-Purchase Engagement: Once the customer makes a purchase, the journey continues with a unique presentation as the await the arrival of their product. Threekit enables a 3D exploration of the ring, narrating the story behind its creation, showcasing intricate details, and providing a personalized touch to the customer.

Ring Stacking and Future Purchases: Post-purchase, Threekit facilitates "ring stacking." If the customer bought an engagement ring, they are likely interested in a wedding ring. Threekit showcases various stacked wedding ring options through e-mails, display ads, and even physical mail, encouraging additional purchases seamlessly.

Automated Integration with Salesforce Ecosystem: The beauty of this entire journey lies in the automated integration between Threekit and the Salesforce ecosystem. Whether it's Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or Revenue Cloud, Threekit effortlessly powers an amazing visual customer experience across all Salesforce platforms.

Delivering Immersive Customer 360: For brands and manufacturers dealing with complex products, Threekit serves as the catalyst for delivering an immersive Customer 360 experience. This collaboration showcases the value Threekit brings to brands by seamlessly integrating visual commerce into the fabric of Salesforce's diverse experiences.


In this brief overview, we've only just scratched the surface of how Threekit's Visual Commerce harmonizes with Salesforce to create an unparalleled customer journey. To delve deeper into this transformative collaboration, visit Threekit's website and witness the power of visual storytelling and customization within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of innovation and customer-centricity. Stay tuned for more insights into the evolving landscape of technology and customer experience!