The 5 Best Online Product Configurators for Your Business

Product configurators are an online tool that allows shoppers to interact with and customize products to their own desired specifications, thus ensuring that the final product is exactly what they're looking for.

This digital solution allows you to streamline your sales process, elevate the customer experience, and optimize your conversion rate. Product configurators enable you to incorporate photorealistic or 3D visuals into your sales funnel to let the customer get precisely what they need. Interactive 3D visuals let the customer create a custom item that fits their needs and style. 

The application does all the heavy lifting, including automating some crucial but tedious documentation processes. Product configurators streamline all your business processes, freeing up your time while growing the sales revenue.

Dig in as we review the five best online configurators on the market today that can take your business to the next level of success. 


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1. ThreeKit

ThreeKit's 3D product configurator bundles product visualization and augmented reality into a powerful tool to improve both customer experience and conversion rates. It allows companies to create an immersive customer environment and scale it as desired. With the help of the 3D configurator, customers can take ownership of the product during the buying process so they know exactly what they're buying. 

With Threekit's real-time product visualization, customers can build their ideal product by defining the color, shape, material, and accessories. This product configurator is ideal for companies with large inventories–it allows you to create configurable 3D visuals and photorealistic images from a single design file, so customers can visualize every permutation of your products before making a purchase.

ThreeKit's platform allows unparalleled interaction with the product. Customers can spin, zoom in and out, and pan the product as they wish. In addition to letting you build a 3D model, Threekit provides excellent 3D asset management. You can store product data such as material, textures, and individual models to enable wide-scale repurposing.

ThreeKit supports document automation, including CAD files, assembly instructions, cut patterns, and production-ready models for quick execution. Unlike other configurators, Threekit supports all business verticals. It also allows seamless eCommerce integration with the most popular platforms. 

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2. 3D Source 

3D Source's product configurator aims to level the playing field by targeting both large and small businesses. It allows companies to grow their sales and increase their revenue using digital assets and 3D technology.

The versatile solution allows users to adapt a 3D element for product photography, trade show material, or product configurator software. 3D Source is functionally versatile and comes with essential features such as rule-based configuration, real-time product visualization, cost, and pricing calculations. Users have the option of creating both 3D models and 2D drawings. 

3D Source caters to the needs of internal members and end users and integrates with common business solutions. It pairs well with CRM and resource planning software and connects readily with eCommerce sites built on solutions such as WooCommerce and Shopify. 

Although the 3D Source is a cloud-based platform, it's deployable through local installations on PCs running Windows Operating Software. It's also accessible through iOS and Android mobile platforms. 

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3. Configure One 

Configure One is designed to help users manage dynamic sales and manufacturing scenarios. The flexible solution is easy to customize. Users can tailor the solution to meet unique marketing needs and branding requirements. 


Technologically savvy Configure One users have the option for more customization using CSS. They can also include additional information such as line-item pricing and customer data in customer quotes. Configure One logs quote edits and integrates with the eCommerce module to handle sales. 

Its product configurator features are just as impressive. It comes with versatile configurations, real-time product visualization, and cost/pricing calculation. Internal users can create and configure 3D visuals and display them in a web browser, thereby eliminating the need for extra plugins or software. End users can interact and customize the 3D product models by changing the elements, zooming in and out, and panning. 

Configure One integrates through an API to other business solutions and allows users to generate custom reports. The web-based application allows users to create great 3D visuals.  


4. KBMax

KBMax caters to the needs of companies with highly configurable products by helping them provide an efficient and streamlined experience for their end users. The product configuration solution is built on the foundation that customer satisfaction is crucial to business success. It aims to help users improve business interaction, provide quality support, and establish business direction. 

KBMax is instrumental in helping users automate tedious documentation processes such as quotes, bills of materials, and contracts. It allows users to generate CAD drawings from various configuration elements and provide custom pricing for each module. 

Its product configuration tool comes with a host of versatile features, such as drag-and-drop functionality, which allows administrators to set the configuration rules quickly and manage other operational aspects of the business. Users can easily set terms and conditions, brand products, and include shipping details. 

Although KBMax has reporting capabilities, it comes with a module to transfer data and information to the user's preferred analytical tools. It uses an API to connect to other business systems. While helpful, the significant drawback of KBMax is that some useful features such as 3D visualization, CAD automation, and CRM integration require a pay upgrade.

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5. Powertrak Product Configurator 

Powertrak Product Configurator, a software solution built by Axonom Inc., is geared towards the manufacturing sector and boasts unique virtual reality functionality. The VR function allows customers to interact with and customize product interaction. 

The system allows customers to use text-based prompts to configure 3D visuals using virtual reality. Although Powertrak is a web-based solution, it provides a superior user experience on mobile devices. It allows users to create 2D and 3D models and provide real-time product choices for the end users. 

Powertrak integrates with popular ERP and CRM software and comes with a data adapter to let users transfer information to partner applications. One of Powertrak's premium offerings is the ability to interact and modify 3D products in a VR environment. However, this rare offering is offered as a premium element and comes at a higher cost. 



Which is the best product configurator for your business?

With proper execution, product configuration can catapult your business to previously unscaled heights. Therefore, you need a versatile product configurator that puts the power of innovation right at your fingertips.

At Threekit, our 3D configuration platform helps deliver an eCommerce experience that's better for businesses and customers alike. Shoppers get to visualize and customize their ideal product before placing an order, and your brand gets increased conversions, reduced returns, powerful sales enablement tools, 3D asset management that allows you to scale product offerings, and happier customers.

Schedule a demo today to see how Threekit can drive your business forward.

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