Announcing the Threekit Fall 2022 Product Release: Modular Configuration, Better Loading, and Asset Config Templates

With our Fall 22’ release we’re making it easier to create amazing product experiences and introducing features that will drive efficiencies when working in the platform.

Starting now, leading global brands can innovate faster, build more complex experiences, and equip your customers with the tools necessary to configure and purchase with confidence.

All of these features are available right now in Preview so you can start taking advantage of them immediately.


Threekit Modular Configurator

Threekit Modular Configurator in action

Modular Connectors: No code connection points that snap pieces together.

Why it matters: With connectors, you can now with no custom code create powerful customizations for your multi piece products. This is the culmination of our year long commitment to bring to market a low code modular configurator solution.

Threekit loading toolkit

Threekit Loading Toolkit


Player Loading Toolkit: Use Treble to customize your loading experience and show customers that your products are ready to be interacted with.

Why it matters: Never show a white screen again while loading your experiences and let your customers know that a model can be interacted with after loading. This not only creates a better user experience, but also boosts your Google Core Web Vitals metrics by reducing Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).


Threekit Asset Config template

Asset config template: Move quicker by replacing hundreds of rules on individual assets with a single one.

Why it matters: Could save you upwards of hundreds implementation hours and drastically reduce the amount of re-work needed when it comes time to add new items to your collections. Decoupling rules and assets enables our customers to scale while eliminating redundant tasks and the errors that come with them.

Want to talk to our team about these platform upgrades and more? Schedule some time here and start moving faster.