Announcing Engagement Ring Configurator, a Best-in-Class eCommerce Package for Jewelers

Today, we’re excited to launch Engagement Ring Configurator, a real-time ring customization experience for jewelers. With it, jewelry brands empower their customers to create a ring to their specifications using Threekit’s Virtual Photographer. This means providing a best-in-class eCommerce experience without sacrificing an ounce of visual quality, all starting at $15k with 2-3 months implementation.  


In our talks with customers and prospects over the past few months (particularly since the onset of COVID-19) we’ve heard the same sentiment echoed again and again--our shoppers need ways to customize and personalize products, in real-time. This is especially true in the jewelry industry,  particularly when it comes to engagement rings. Rarely is there a more personal purchase that the buyer has to get “just right.” 

Configurability is just one challenge of the online jewelry experience. Providing high-quality visual fidelity is critical in letting customers assess the quality of rare gems and metals. That’s why our offering is built in Virtual Photographer. Showing jewelry in photorealistic VRay means it’s almost  indistinguishable from traditional, high-end product photography.  Until now, providing for these customization and image quality specifications has been a massive challenge to address.   

We expect to see our customers get great ROI out of this product. Generally speaking, we know that when ring shoppers interact with their personalized piece by changing gemstones, features, metals, and settings, they get more engaged with the product and gain the confidence to buy. Our customers can experience as much as a 40% increase in conversion. But the results go beyond simple sales figures.  For example, jewelry designer Lindsey Scoggins experienced a significant uptick of user time-on-site, which resulted in a 28% increase in web traffic within six weeks of launching this custom experience. 

Want to learn more about Engagement Ring Configurator? Get in touch with our team today. We’d love to talk about your business and show you how it works.