Advanced Visualization Tools for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The integration of advanced visualization tools in ecommerce has revolutionized product and sales strategies. This article explores the innovative use of Threekit technology in enhancing the customer experience and driving sales for PPE products.

Key Takeaways

  • Advanced 3D configuration allows for detailed customization of PPE products to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Automated order processing streamlines the purchasing process by generating orders with precise product specifications.
  • Tailored solutions like Threekit for BigCommerce, Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud provide seamless integration for ecommerce platforms.

Enhancing Product Visualization and Sales

Advanced 3D Configuration

Threekit's advanced 3D configuration tool is a transformative sales option for PPE. It allows customers to interact with a product's every angle and feature, ensuring they make informed decisions. This level of detail is essential in industries where safety and specifications are paramount.

Threekit enables seamless creation, management and distribution of 3D product visuals, making the process of updating a product catalog easier and faster. With customers able to virtually inspect PPE prior to purchasing, conversion rates are more likely to increase and product returns are more likely to decrease.

With Threekit's technology, the leap from static images to dynamic, customizable 3D models is not just a step but a giant leap for customer engagement and satisfaction.


The statistics speak for themselves: according to studies, 83% of shoppers prioritize product imagery in their online purchase decisions. 

Product Customization

When customers can interact with a product and tailor it to their preferences, they are more invested in the purchase process. Statistics show that shoppers are 60% more likely to buy a product they've had a hand in customizing.

Threekit's product customization tool enables real-time visualization of different PPE configurations, empowering customers to personalize their purchase by size, fit, color or any other customizable options.

lookbook-Retail Personalization

Automated Order Processing

Automated order processing is a pivotal component in streamlining the path from product customization to final purchase. Once a shopper finalizes their PPE configuration and initiates the purchase, Threekit's platform seamlessly generates the order with precise product specifications, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

The integration of automated systems not only accelerates order fulfillment but also significantly reduces the potential for human error, leading to a more reliable customer experience.


Additionally, the platform automatically produces essential manufacturing outputs, such as bill-of-materials, assembly instructions, CAD files and cut patterns, which are crucial for the production of PPE.

By optimizing the order process, Threekit empowers businesses to deliver a superior customer experience, ultimately driving sales and fostering customer loyalty in the competitive PPE market.

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Tailored Solutions for eCommerce Platforms

Threekit integrates seamlessly with business software such as DAM, ERP, CPQ, ecommerce platforms and PIM, supporting omnichannel selling across the digital sphere. The ability to manage 3D assets for scenes, models, materials and images is pivotal for maintaining consistency and quality in customer interactions and digital branding.

Business software and ecommerce platforms that Threekit works effortless with include:

  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Salesforce ecosystem
  • Shopify
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud
  • WooCommerce
  • CommerceTools
  • Google Ads
  • Infor
  • SAP
  • inRiver

Threekit is built to tie products, attributes, and product images together in any integration

Using Threekit's advanced visualization tools enhances the digital shopping experience for PPE. Customers can more fully explore products with interactive visual features, customize their purchase to suit unique needs and budget and benefit from faster production times due to automated order processing. To see how else Threekit can support the success of your PPE business, contact us for a personalized demo.