7 Advantages of Furniture Shopping in an SAP Product Configurator

Couple shopping for new furniture in an SAP product configurator

With new technologies like an SAP product configurator making at-home shopping more convenient, in-store buying is becoming less appealing. In 2021, online furniture shopping sales accounted for 11.8% of total retail eCommerce in the USA.

More and more consumers are turning to online stores that provide a seamless buying experience. By implementing an SAP product configurator, you can attract more furniture buyers by making their shopping easier and more convenient.

Let's take a closer look at how at-home furniture shopping with product configuration options trumps the in-store shopping experience.

1. Customers Save Time

Regular in-store furniture shopping may appear fast — at first. But in reality, it is extremely time-consuming. It involves:

  • The commute – A consumer has to find time to travel to the store and back.

  • Making a choice – It can be hard to make a choice on the spot, especially with the sales team pressuring you to make a decision. More often than not, consumers avoid the pressure and decide to "think about it." In the ideal scenario, they come back to the store one more time. In the worst-case scenario, they decide to "shop around."

If the product a consumer wants isn't available in the store, they have to wait for delivery, go to another location or explore other retailers.

With an SAP product configurator, the buyer gets access to all available furniture options and easy furniture templates from the comfort of their own home. Making a decision without pressure or time limitations is easier and less time-consuming.

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2. Minimize Returns

When a customer has to choose furniture in a store, they often make quick decisions. But when a sofa or a dresser arrives, homeowners may be unhappy with how it looks in their living room. This often initiates a time-consuming and complex return process.

Online variant configuration allows the buyer to take their time making a decision. Meanwhile, the augmented reality function makes it possible to see how the furniture looks in the room.

With an SAP product configurator, the customer gets an opportunity to make a well-thought-out decision. This brings up the satisfaction rate and minimizes returns.

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3. It Improves Customization

If customization options are limited, creating a dream home can be tough. When it comes to in-store furniture shopping, a consumer gets to see only a couple of furniture configurations. To build the desired piece of furniture from configurable parts, they often need to rely on imagination.

In the best-case scenario, many consumers opt for buying whatever configuration they see in the store because they have a hard time imagining what another arrangement would look like. But they could just as easily abandon the sales order and go to another store.

An SAP product configurator allows consumers to configure furniture any way they want and see the result immediately. This helps buyers build a dream room and keeps them from shopping around.

4. Increase Customer Satisfaction

More often than not, furniture is a serious investment for the buyer. Besides being a time-consuming process, going to the store and choosing the best option is often stressful, expensive and tedious. It becomes especially frustrating when a customer can't find a suitable option.

By working with an SAP variant configurator, a consumer can design complex products without leaving the house. They can take time creating a perfect piece of furniture without any pressure to make a rash decision.

By integrating your SAP configurator with SAP CPQ functionality, you can even let customers build with their budget in mind.

Eventually, consumers are more likely to enjoy the shopping experience and end up buying the right product for their needs.

5. Achieve More Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic made consumers much more aware of their health and safety. 

Before making an in-store purchase, customers pull out dresser drawers, sit on sofas, lie on beds and do whatever is necessary to test the furniture. But no matter how closely the staff follows enhanced in-store hygiene standards, display items tend to turn into germ-spreaders.

Consumers can choose configurable products without actually touching them by opting for at-home furniture shopping with an SAP product configurator. Meanwhile, this type of shopping minimizes interactions with other consumers and the sales team. This keeps everyone a little safer.

6. Customers Enjoy Easier Measurements

Homeowner browsing through an SAP prouct configurator to find new furniture

Walking around the store with a measuring tape in hand isn't just inconvenient. It's stressful. It's even more stressful if it involves bumping into other customers or standing in line.

Poor measurements could cause consumers to end up with the wrong configured product. Meanwhile, each add-on they may choose along the way would need additional measurements. To do them, a buyer may need to go back home and re-measure the space.

With an SAP product configurator, buyers can see measurements on-screen. When they configure furniture or add new product features, all measurements are readily available in all dimensions.

This makes online shopping faster, more convenient and less stressful.

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7. Benefit From Cost Efficiency

In-store shopping is not as cost-effective as online shopping for both the consumer and the retailer. The retailer needs to adjust the pricing with store rental or buying costs in mind.

Meanwhile, the consumer has to spend money on commuting. With gas prices going up, traveling to stores is becoming more and more taxing.

When you offer customers a chance to choose and configure furniture with an SAP product configurator, you are saving money by:

  • Minimizing unpopular production orders

  • Reducing the number of returns

  • Improving customer retention

The cost reduction provided by a 3D product customizer makes at-home furniture shopping more appealing.

Improving At-Home Furniture Shopping Experience With Threekit

Many consumers choose at-home furniture shopping because it's convenient. However, customization options are often limited because buyers can't visualize their perfect piece of furniture.

An SAP product configurator gives shoppers an opportunity to create an ideal product and see how it fits into their home environment. This doesn't just increase customer satisfaction but also cuts costs, minimizes returns and boosts sales.

At Threekit, we offer 3D visuals, augmented reality, and virtual photography options for your SAP Commerce Cloud. Seamless integration coupled with top-notch functionality can help you create an excellent shopping experience for your customers. This, in turn, improves the company's bottom line. 

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