6 Reasons Marketers Will Love Using Threekit

At Threekit, our mission is fairly simple – we empower companies and businesses to bring their products to life in configurable 3D, photorealistic 2D, and augmented reality (AR). We are committed to providing users with the most helpful and immersive online product experience imaginable so that they can buy more of what they want.

But that’s just the beginning.

Marketers love Threekt

Built with marketers and merchandisers in mind, Threekit enables unprecedented access to 3D product visuals while driving collaboration and organizational efficiency. Our team is expert in producing high-quality, photo-realistic product animations and renderings for branding, marketing, and pre-visualization. We utilize the latest industry-standard tools and technologies for 3D rendering, modeling, and animation. Our professional 3D artists are highly skilled in a wide range of services that apply to any industry and can provide your business with the best possible visual solutions in the market.


Here are 6 reasons why marketers and merchandisers will embrace Threekit as their 3D product visual solution: 


1) The Product Catalog

In today’s ever-changing economy, consumers now prefer to shop online as their primary purchasing channel. It has become extremely vital for retailers to have an effective online presence. They are seeking increasingly individualized brand experiences. This means that marketers need to collect detailed data so that they can learn more about their customers to provide according to their expectations. In such circumstances, advanced systems such as AI and enhanced presentation through AR and 3D options have become viable as they transform the entire customer experience through immersive and emotive technology.


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If you provide your customers with highly detailed product information regarding when and where they would need it, the chances of your product getting purchased are very high. When your 3D product models are selected and downloaded right into your customers’ designs, their choices are truly influenced.

Threekit's product catalog allows marketers to access, interact with and deploy 3D designs in a way that they understand. In other words, they don't have to be a 3D wunderkind to use these assets. The catalog allows marketers to intuitively and easily explain their products while adding that WOW factor.  You can display a single product or your whole catalog with an amazing 3D view. This would include descriptions of your products and animations as well as exploded views. The best part is that your product catalog can be viewed on different platforms including mobile, web, and desktop.


2) The Intuitive Rules Engine

For many developers, rule engines are buzzwords or simple black boxes on an architectural diagram. To beginners, it is something to be feared or admired from afar but seldom understood. Coming to terms with rule engines is one of the catch-22s of technology.

Threekit rules engine

Rules engines can be a powerful way to externalize business logic, empower business users, and solve complicated problems wherein large numbers of fine-grained business rules and facts interact. If you have taken a few conditional statements, tried to evaluate the combinations and then discovered yourself writing deep-nested logic for solving an issue, these are just the kind of entanglements that a rule engine can enable you to unravel. A rule engine is, at its core, a mechanism for executing 'business rules'. Business rules are simple business-oriented statements that encode business decisions of some kind, often phrased very simply in an "if/then" conditional form.

Some of our more complicated financial services work, when rephrased in a rule approach, began to look markedly more comprehensible. Each step in converting procedural conditional logic to business rules seemed to expose both more simplicity and more power at once.

Simply put, rule engines are a tool and another way to approach software development. Tools have their strengths and weaknesses both and even if you are not making immediate use of this one, it is helpful to understand the benefits so that its applicability can be evaluated and communicated easily in the future. 


3) Ability to do Custom Re-Marketing

Cart abandonment is a major problem for eCommerce businesses today. In fact, more than 72% of businesses believe that one of the largest challenges that they are faced with is the reduction in the number of abandoned carts. Statistics suggest that for every 10 shoppers which will add items to their cart, 7 will end up abandoning your website before they can check out.

Threekit remarketing

There can be a number of reasons why shopping carts are abandoned. At times, customers may want to shop around before committing to purchase or they simply get distracted and forget what they wanted. Whatever the reason might be, the fact is that as the eCommerce system continues to expand and the competition consistently increases, it is a problem that is only getting worse for the businesses.

Custom re-marketing offers your company with a powerful tool for increasing your revenue and growing your business. This is because people who view targeted ads are 70% more likely to convert, either by purchasing your product or contacting your team. With re-marketing services, your business can reap the benefits. It can also help in avoiding the worst problem faced by business: cart abandonment.

With our software, you can receive the best of custom re-marketing. From the expertise of our team to the artificial intelligence of our client-exclusive tools, our re-marketing services make it possible for your business to launch a competitive campaign which makes it capable for you to drive sales, leads, and revenue. And we can even served configured products in display ads and emails.


4) Concept Testing Features

Threekit concept testing

Reports suggest that 95% of new products tend to fail. That’s not a very friendly statistic. It is an important reality that must be kept in mind in case you want to ensure that your business reaps maximum revenue. This is where concept testing comes into play.

Concept testing lets you ask customers how they feel about your ideas for new products and services. You can use it to test price points, product features, even the advertisements that you're planning to release. That way, you'll avoid costly mistakes and become one of the lucky 5% of companies to launch a successful product.

Concept testing basically involves the evaluation of an idea for a service, product, project, or ad campaign before it is made public. This allows for businesses to test out any idea before releasing it to their consumer base. You may think that your idea is genius, but it is the customers’ opinions that truly matter. If they don’t like it during testing, they would not like it in mass production. By concept testing, your company can avoid launching unsuccessful and ineffective product campaigns.


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Threekit allows businesses to visualize and test demand for customizable products that have not been manufactured yet. You can carry out concept testing to evaluate new ideas so that the products which have a good chance of being successful can be identified beforehand. Then limited research and development resources can be focused on the new product concepts with the greatest probability of consumer acceptance in the marketplace. You can also evaluate advertising concepts, packaging concepts, promotional concepts, and strategy concepts.


5) 3D/AR Display Advertising

threekit 3D advertising

3D and AR are already shifting the advertising landscape. The significance of it will become clear in the upcoming months and years, however, huge businesses are already using it to great effect. Now is the time to deploy this comparatively new technology to produce innovative experiences for customers. It can easily be integrated into an agile ad strategy

The number of ads that a potential consumer sees every day is exceeding 4000. Because of these increased advertisements, people quickly lose their interest in ads. This lost attention of consumers can be a major challenge for businesses. One of the most efficient ways of capturing and keeping consumer attention is adopting innovative ways to communicate. One of these ways is using 3D and AR advertising.

There are several benefits to 3D/AR display advertising. AR display ad is a banner which launches an Augmented Reality experience right from the ad unit. With an AR display ad, there can be an easy augmentation of reality integrated into your existing ad server or DSP. You can also publish tags responsive to any ad banner in mere seconds. Banners are also responsive to the mobile device’s gyroscope.

With Threekit’s 3D display ads, you can launch 360-degree videos, photos, 3D photos, and VR/AR experiences from any display ad inventory. A 3D ad unit allows the user to interact with a product or an image inside the display in real-time. The user can actually move, spin, and even customize a product within this ad.

Marketers can take it a step further and enable customers to place products in their own environment with the help of Augmented Reality. The best part is that AR advertisements by Threekit are both iOS and Android compatible, which makes it easier for any and everyone to use. 


6) The Social Sharing Functionality

Social media has quickly become an essential part of a company’s business marketing strategy. Social platforms help businesses in connecting with your customers, increasing awareness regarding your brand, and boosting your leads and sales. With more than three billion people around the world using social media each month, it has become inevitable that the businesses adopt it in their practices.

Threekit social sharing

Social sharing describes when social media users broadcast web content on a social network to their groups, connections or specific individuals. One of the primary aims of corporate social media marketing strategies is to generate brand awareness by leveraging their existing audience to share content.

The significance of social media is growing at a remarkable speed. More and more people are joining social media websites and using them regularly and rather efficiently. The social media industry is here to stay and face a boom in the coming years. The social media wave is not ending any time soon. If you are serious about taking your business to a new height, you must leverage proper social media channels in the best possible way. Not because it’s the “in thing”, and not because it sounds simple, but because your target audience is hanging around the popular social networks. And they’re engaging with their favorite brands and connecting with them on different levels.

At Threekit, we understand that unlike advertisements or other marketing assets, social shares are an organic form of promotion generated by the public. Consumers share products, blog posts, and inspirational images because they want to. When social connections —including friends, family, and co-workers — see shared content, it resonates more than a message displayed directly by a business. In 2014, Forbes published an article highlighting just how much more valuable Facebook social activity is over Facebook ads.

Each time someone shares an article, link, or promotion it has the potential to domino into a wide network of potential customers. Threekit can help your business integrate with all major social platforms for easy digital product customization and sharing. With us, you can turn your visitors into engaged consumers and grow your website with free, trusted tools.

In a world where consumers demand that their expectations be met by what they see, Threekit ensures that their visual consumer experience lives up to their expectations. We create photorealistic images, 3D, and AR for your business that translates to customer experience with a WOW factor. 

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