The Power of Threekit: 5 Reasons Manufacturers Should Use Visual Commerce

Today, we're uncovering the five key reasons why manufacturers across industries are doing Visual Commerce.

From capturing inspiration to enhancing sales engagement, Threekit is transforming the manufacturing landscape.


Let's explore the five unique features that make Threekit an indispensable tool for manufacturers.

Top-of-the-Funnel Inspiration

At the forefront, manufacturers leverage Threekit's virtual photographer to set up a top-of-the-funnel net, capturing potential customers with inspiration.

It let's buyers know "I'm in the right place." Lifestyle photography showcases the myriad possibilities and starting points for their products, creating a visual allure that draws in customers.

Interactive 3D Configurator

The second compelling reason manufacturers embrace Threekit is to deliver an immersive 3D configurator. This tool allows customers to delve deep into product customization, exploring various materials, add-ons, and business rules. The configurator is a powerhouse of complexity, enabling a highly tailored product experience.

Efficient Lead Generation

Threekit doesn't just stop at configuration; it facilitates seamless lead generation. Manufacturers can effortlessly submit leads and configurations to their sales teams, ensuring that each lead is qualified. This sets the stage for a more engaging sales approach, armed with visual representations rather than traditional typed-out words.

Enhanced Aftermarket Parts Sales

Post-purchase, Threekit's digital twin capabilities come into play. Manufacturers can suggest aftermarket parts or add-ons that complement the customer's configured product. This creates an upselling opportunity, enhancing the overall customer experience and boosting revenue.

Visual Service and Repairs

 The fifth compelling reason revolves around service and repairs. Manufacturers can perform a visual explosion of the product, allowing service technicians or customers to visually select and identify broken parts. This seamless process enables quick and accurate replacement orders, streamlining the service experience.


In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, Threekit Visual Commerce emerges as a strategic ally for large enterprise manufacturers. From capturing inspiration to facilitating lead generation and aftermarket sales, Threekit's multifaceted capabilities redefine the manufacturing journey. To delve deeper into the transformative world of Threekit, visit