5 Companies With Visual Configuration for Car Accessories and Products

car 360 degree spin-1Visual configuration for car accessories and after-market products is essential for:

  • Differentiation
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Building more trust in the digital world

This is because most companies in the industry know they must be online to some extent to reach more people in their target market.

Still, the majority of businesses in this market don't know the value of high-quality, visually configured listing images. But the companies using 3D visuals for vehicles and auto parts benefit from more business.

These five companies are leveraging visual configuration. 

1. 904 Custom

904 Custom is a business dedicated to customization. One of its popular products is in the car accessory category, where the company offers shoppers a variety of customizable car additions. To stand out from other custom car companies in the industry, 904 Custom uses visual configuration for car accessories. 


A good example of this company using configuration to reach more shoppers is its custom sandstone ceramic car coasters. After hitting 'Add to Car & Customize,' users go through three steps in the design process: 

  1. Choosing product size and background color
  2. Editing the product, design, text and images
  3. Reviewing the final custom product

Every design detail is added to the product picture and can be changed in real time as the user switches through options. During the review stage, the user can zoom in and out to inspect the final product. 

However, one drawback with 904 Custom's tool is that it's not in 3D, so it's not quite as effective as it could be. While the company is seeing positive results, you can experience the best results when using an industry-leading 3D configurator that works in real time and incorporates all of the following techniques (and more!) from Threekit.

2. Liodor

Car owner shopping for products through visual configuration for car accessories

Liodor leverages the marketplace giant Amazon in its eCommerce strategy. Using visual configuration for car accessories like floor mats and seat covers, Liodor stands out in listings with images that users can zoom in on and that offer customization opportunities. 

Users can do more than just zoom in for inspections and choose between more than a dozen leather colors in the Customize Now tool. They can insert specific vehicle information and then add details such as text, logos, colors, etc. 

Liodor’s custom options enhance the experience for users looking for car mats that fit their specific tastes. But the interface doesn’t allow users to incorporate the custom designs directly on the mat. It also lacks 3D visuals. Instead, it shows previews of the text/logo designs by themselves. 

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3. Auto Anything

Auto Anything is a company that sells various vehicle products. The collections that are customizable are showcased using a basic configuration tool. 

Although not as high quality as Threekit's platform — which incorporates a combination of augmented reality (AR), virtual photography and 3D configuration to succeed — Auto Anything's tool does enhance the customizing experience. 

A good example of its use of visual configuration for car accessories is seen in its car covers. The product comes in two styles and about a dozen color schemes, and the user can switch between options to see the real-time modifications in the product image. 

Although this is helpful, the experience would be significantly better if the product image could be rotated 360 degrees and modified by vehicle type selections. This would offer a more realistic representation of the shopper's potential purchase.  

4. Vinyl Status

Family car with after-market additions created through visual configuration for car accessories

Vinyl Status sells customizable car stickers. It offers users the unique opportunity to customize their vehicles with sayings, logos and other images to make them their own. 

Many online shoppers in the market struggle to find custom goods they can trust. The problem often lies in not seeing the full preview of the final product before purchase. 

But Vinyl Status alleviates user concerns with visual configurations of custom stickers. By clicking on 'Build Your Stickers,' online shoppers can view each letter modification they make in real time on top of a transparency grid. 

Options in the configuration tool include:

  • Size
  • Text
  • Font style
  • Text color
  • Background color (if the user wants it)

Every custom option changes with each user selection. However, the experience would be better if the user had the option to see the finished decal on a car for a more realistic preview. 

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5. Myron

Myron is another company that sells custom products. It uses visual configuration to help users preview product personalization before purchase. This strategy differentiates the company from others in the industry. 

For trailer hitch covers, Myron allows online shoppers to download a logo or input text. It can be customized by color and font style and then divided into four lines. Users can preview their product after this stage.

Unfortunately, Myron's configuration tool also falls short of the full potential of visual configuration in car accessories because it doesn't go beyond the basics of text preview. Users can also zoom in to get a better look at the product, but that's the full extent of the configuration capabilities. 

These five companies show how many in your industry are already putting visual configuration to work in the digital world. However, it also shows how few are leveraging the tool to its full potential, leaving much more room for your brand to stand out and dominate online with Threekit.

Threekit: Your industry-leading solution to visual configuration for car accessories 

forklift-demoWhen selling online, you must make the experience as real for your customers as possible. 

The online space is excellent for finding an array of brands. But it's also an easy place to get tricked — and customers know that.

Using product configuration for car accessories and other vehicle parts can better convey quality and professionalism for your brand and products. This will ease your customers’ minds during purchase and enhance the entire experience by ensuring they get exactly what they want. 

In return, a 3D configurator like Threekit's can boost your average order value by 50% and increase on-site conversions by 42%. Reach out to Threekit to learn more!