5 Benefits of SAP Product Configuration for Selling Safes or Lockboxes

Couple using SAP product configuration to customize a safe for their home

If you're the manufacturer of safes and lockboxes, your customers value more than just your ability to build a strong safe; they also want versatility and flexibility in the type of safe you can make for them. One of the best tools to help you do that for your online store is SAP product configuration

Selling static safes and lockboxes limits your ability to scale your business, as your customers may have evolving needs. But giving them the opportunity to customize their product makes it more likely they'll buy from you if they have specific features in mind. 

SAP product configuration is a feature you can add to your site that enables customization on any type of product you deliver. It increases the likelihood your customer will be satisfied with their final purchase, as it is more likely to meet their personal or business needs.  

Here are five benefits safe and lockbox manufacturers can gain from using SAP product configuration as part of their eCommerce strategy. 

1. Security Add-Ons

You may offer a standard type of safe or lockbox. But what about a customer that requires an added element of security or support not available in your normal offering?

They'll want the option to upgrade. But if you offer a set of unchanging products, this presents a problem for you in trying to reach these customers who need more capabilities than that. 

With SAP product configuration, you can adapt to better meet those requirements. 

Variant configuration provides the customer with the chance to create or configure their product with a set of characteristic values they can change as needed. 

Whatever features they have to add, your product configurator can allow them to do that within its easy-to-use interface. As they make changes to their configurable products, the configurator will automate those updates on the SAP back end. 

It all leads to better value for the customer. They can rest easy knowing that your site can match their demands. 

That's the type of adaptability that leads to repeat business. 

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​2. Dimensions

Your customer has a set amount of space in which to store their safe or lockbox. While some of your customers may have some flexibility in the amount of space their safe can occupy, others will have specific needs. 

If you produce safes in one size, you limit your customer base. By allowing customers to manipulate the dimensions of their safe, you open up your business to a wider number of people. 

That's another capability of the SAP product configuration functionality. Through SAP integration, the configurator produces realistic product models within your online store so users can see what the precise dimensions might be.

Your customer can then adjust the dimensions of the product to fulfill their space limitations. You can include safe dimensions as a component of your master data, feeding into your product master. 

For the customer, this translates to them being able to tap into configuration and replication to create the safe or lockbox dimensions that serve them best. 

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3. Weight Considerations

Like with dimensions, customers often have limits in terms of how much their safe can weigh. Some prefer a heavier safe, while others may need something lighter. 

Again, offering a static set of safe or lockbox features limits the value you can deliver to your customers. With SAP variant configuration, you help your customers determine the ideal weight for their safe or lockbox. 

By customizing the safe by its weight, your users can create heavier, complex products or simplified lighter ones. When there's variability in how much weight their safe can be, they can use the site's configuration engine to generate more features depending on what they need. 

4. More Variability on Pricing

Pharmacists discussing a custom lockbox and choosing preferences through SAP product configuration

Any successful online store at least understands the benefits of upselling. You can have a standard offering but also "sweeten the pot" for your customers.

Provide them with access to other features they may not have realized they can use. Strategic upselling means you can deliver more value to your customers with the chance to charge more for these add-ons or alternative features. 

It's a win-win. Your customer gets utility out of the product while you're able to justifiably increase the pricing. 

You can also experiment with where to alert your customer to these upselling options for your safes or lockboxes. For example, you could offer additional items at checkout, prompting the customer to tack it on to their existing purchase. 

With SAP product configuration, you can set up your sales configuration to prompt different upsell combinations for your customers who have already progressed through the customization process. If the add-ons deliver enough value, your safe or lockbox customer will be more than happy to hear about them. 

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5. More Options for Commercial and Consumer Use

Safes and lockboxes have usage for both commercial and consumer purposes. You might only appeal to one of these target audiences or potentially both. 

Either way, SAP product configuration helps you tailor your approach. You can better fit the needs of the person using your site at a particular moment. 

If you can build safes customized for either commercial or consumer purposes, you can allow your site visitors to adjust and adapt your custom product depending on their requirements. 

This makes your online store much more attractive to a wider customer base. If you want to clarify who you serve, you can include instructions within your help portal on what features would best apply to either audience. 

The bottom line is, for an eCommerce store selling safes and lockboxes, SAP product configuration is an appealing site feature to help customers build the customized products they want and need. The trick is figuring out how to incorporate it into your site and get the most value out of it. 

To do this, you'll want to partner with a team that understands how to provide seamless configuration functionality. That partner is Threekit.

Threekit is well-versed in developing product configurators for unique eCommerce businesses. We can work with you to set up your configurator in a way that supports your mission. 

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