3 Ways a Visual Configurator Sells More Medical Devices and Equipment

Medical professional and salesperson looking at options in a visual configurator

Medical professionals that are in the market for medical devices want to make sure the medical devices they purchase are worth the investment. This is why it's crucial to provide them with the optimal online customer experience with a visual configurator.


Not only are medical devices hefty purchases for medical practices, but they also often help save lives and provide treatment for patients in dire need of good care. To give medical professionals more peace of mind when they're shopping for these devices, implement an all-inclusive product configuration tool that makes the buying experience both easy and informative. 

The following are some of the key ways in which a visual product configurator can help sell more medical devices. With these strategies in mind, you can implement a tool that inspires more confidence in your products and drives better ROI.

1. Make Customization Easy

Medical devices, particularly those that customers can configure, are often complex and consist of many components based on precise specifications. 

An intuitive visual configurator will make it easy for medical professionals to customize medical devices of all kinds. This includes larger pieces of equipment that come with many configurable parts.

Make sure the configurator includes plenty of details for custom products, including specifications that could impact the device's functionality. When properly implemented, a product configurator can educate customers about your products as much as it enables users to configure them. 

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2. Use Photorealistic Interactive 3D Images

Medical professionals also want to be able to look very closely at medical devices. They need to confirm all the details before placing their order. Studies have even shown that customers are more likely to trust vendors when they can interact with product images.

Your customers likely want to be able to view medical devices from every angle. Then they can better determine how the device will both appear and function. 

Today's visual configurator tools can generate high-quality 3D visuals for products of all types, showcasing them with accurate, in-depth digital recreations. Innovations in virtual photography facilitate this; as a bonus, virtual photography is far more convenient than traditional photoshoots. 

The resulting 3D models give customers the chance to fully interact with medical devices in ways that basic product pages simply can't. 

Most customers want to see a minimum of five to eight product images before making a buying decision. But you can take this to the next level with a 3D visual configurator. 

Using a contemporary 3D product configurator, customers can rotate and zoom in on product visualizations. They can get a complete sense of how the products will appear.

Some configurators also allow customers to click on individual components to learn more about how they function with animations. This can be invaluable for customers who need to make critical decisions regarding the medical devices they purchase for their practices.

Resolve Uncertainty With Augmented Reality

Another technological development that's changing the way people shop online is augmented reality (AR). While virtual reality brings people into virtual worlds that people can explore with headsets, AR uses mobile devices to overlay 3D images in the real world. 

More and more businesses are getting into AR. In fact, 49% of participants in one survey stated that they plan to offer an AR solution in the future.

Through the use of AR, customers can use their smartphone or tablet to place the virtual object in any location. This includes medical labs, hospital rooms, doctor's offices, and more. 

This can let them know how the final product will look and fit in the space. Customers can modify the design if it doesn't work for them, as they simply go back to the product configurator.

Detailed and highly interactive visuals can dramatically increase customer confidence in your products. That can then lead to higher conversion rates.

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3. Show and Update Pricing in Real Time

Lab manager using a visual configurator to consider new equipment purchases

Medical devices often come with a hefty price tag. Also, medical professionals often work with a specific budget that they won't be willing to exceed. 

These customers want to know exactly what they'll be spending on these devices upfront. 

What customers don't want is to view their shopping cart and head over to the checkout page, only to discover that the price wasn't as transparent as they originally thought. This can be a quick way to get people to back away from a purchase when they otherwise would have followed through.

One of the best ways to help your customers is to use a visual configurator with a configure price quote (CPQ) feature. This can provide customers with an accurate quote based on the specifications of the visual configuration. 

This is crucial for complex products like medical devices that can see big price changes depending on the options available, like hospital equipment.

Keep in mind that your sales teams can also benefit from a CPQ feature when working with customers. Your sales professionals can see the price and give the customer a quote immediately.

This can equip your sales department while instilling more confidence in the buyer, allowing for more automation of the sales cycle. Some product configurators can integrate with both CRMs and ERPs, which can greatly enhance your sales capabilities.

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Boost Medical Device Sales With Threekit

With the integration of a comprehensive visual configurator, you can increase sales of medical devices. Using the right tool, you can:

  • Make customization easier than ever

  • Create accurate and interactive 3D product visualizations

  • Streamline the sales process with transparent pricing

The key is finding the best tool for your product lines. Threekit's solution can fully revamp your eCommerce site with everything you need to fully visualize customizable products such as medical devices and equipment.

Our solution consists of three main tools that combine to form our innovative platform. 

First, we capture your inventory using our Virtual Photographer™ software. Once we've digitized your inventory and created 3D assets for each product, we can put them into a user-friendly and fully interactive 3D product configurator. 

Our tool can integrate with most platforms, including WordPress, Magento, and Salesforce. Our AR solution can also enable customers to view product visuals in real-world settings.

Want to find out more about how you can supercharge your sales efforts with Threekit's visual configurator? Reach out to us today.