How an SAP Product Configurator Helps Product Page Rankings in SERPs

Shopper browsing through an SAP product configurator

There's a reason every eCommerce merchant wants to rank first on a search results page, and an SAP product configurator can help. 

A 2020 survey found that the first organic result received 28% of page traffic. Second-ranking results receive 15% and third-place entries earn 11%. If a result ranks 10th, it receives less than 3% of the page traffic.

To rank their product listings higher, business owners need to ensure that their website and product pages deliver:

  • Unique product descriptions

  • Longer dwell times

  • Faster load times

Merchants with complex products with configurable options can use SAP product configuration to improve their SERP rankings. Keep reading to see how it works.

What Is an SAP Product Configurator?

An SAP product configurator integrates seamlessly into a merchant's SAP site. It enables online merchants to use advanced technologies to highlight their product features. 

It incorporates 3D configurations, augmented reality (AR) and virtual photography to deliver a unified customer experience. The API software that connects the configuration platform to enterprise software ensures that product information and pricing are always up-to-date.

How Can an SAP Product Configurator Improve SERP Rankings?

Search engines use algorithms to determine how pages rank in search results. Today, search engines deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to better predict what consumers mean when they type a specific query. 

With more automation technologies in search engines, eCommerce merchants need to address key components in a search engine's search algorithms. They include:

Unique product descriptions and images

When businesses have extensive product lines, it's easy to use the same language to describe similar products. However, search engines are looking for unique language when returning results. 

They are also looking for quality content that improves the shopper experience. Merchants must supply differentiating language and images to rank higher on search results.

Product pictures can differentiate items within a configurable product line. However, paying for professional photoshoots for every configured product can quickly become cost-prohibitive. 

Virtual photography offers online merchants the ability to deliver unique photography without the expense of a photoshoot.

Virtual photography

This process uses technology to create multiple photographs from a single image. Rather than configure the same product many times for different photographs, virtual photography can take a single image and, with customization tools, create specialized views that show different colors or textures. 

Integrating SAP product configurator and virtual photography helps online merchants deliver unique descriptions and images for a higher SERP ranking. 

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Longer dwell time

Shopper spending more time on a website because it has an SAP product configurator

Dwell time is the length of time users stay on a page. It’s another factor used in determining SERP rankings. 

The assumption is that the longer a consumer stays on a site, the better the site. 

If a merchant site doesn't use immersive technologies to engage shoppers, the average dwell time will be low. So will the SERP rankings.

Suppose a parent searches for "toy monkey." 

One online store uses an SAP product configurator to create an immersive shopping experience. It uses augmented reality and 3D configurators with 360° views and zoom capabilities to let the shopper look at every detail before buying. 

It also ensures a longer dwell time as the parent looks at the customization options and multiple views.

3D configurator

A 3D configurator that is designed to work with an SAP ERP system lets eCommerce merchants present the latest information on their products' functionality. 

For highly configurable products, real-time updating means a better customer experience. If an option is no longer available, the product page can indicate the unavailable status.

For example, the monkey-buying parents want to order the toy in gray and black. When that option is selected, the configurator can indicate that the option is not available, making for a better customer experience. 

Offering an alternative recommendation can keep the shopper engaged and increase the dwell time.

For ERPs with extensive configurable product lines, SAP product configurators are essential for showcasing product functionality. Without an integrated solution, shoppers can have a more disjointed experience with shorter dwell times.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality can extend shoppers' dwell time. 

With augmented reality, parents can see the toy monkey in the child's room. They can decide which color option goes best with the child's room. 

Many merchants see augmented reality as just a tool for buying furniture or appliances. But shoppers are willing to use the technology in myriad ways if it's available.

Depending on the SAP ERP, data from the front-end augmented reality can be shared with the back end and added to a CRM package for a more personalized experience. Collecting the data means it can be used in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) that uses customization to keep consumers engaged.

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Faster load times

Displaying images online or on a mobile device can be frustrating for merchants and customers. If it takes too long for the picture to load, consumers move on and merchants lose business. 

It also means a lower SERP ranking. Search engines include load times in their algorithms because slow performance hurts the customer experience.

Web pages should take less than two seconds to load; otherwise, shoppers will leave the site. The longer it takes to load, the more sales a merchant stands to lose. 

According to this recent study, 10% of viewers will leave a website for every second it takes to load a page.

Optimizing images means delivering the best available picture within the desired load times. Product configurators and visual photography can optimize images for display online or on mobile devices. 

Since over 70% of online shopping will occur on mobile devices by 2022, merchants need to ensure optimum image quality for their configurable products.

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Boosting SERP Rankings

Search engines still use keywords and metadata in their algorithms. But they are trying to determine the user's intent. 

For example, suppose a user mistypes a search request. Instead of returning what was in the request, the engine returns what it thinks users wanted to type. If the AI technology guesses correctly, users receive the results they wanted.

As search engines use more automation technologies, eCommerce merchants need to ensure their marketing tools are keeping pace. 

For example, more search engines display images on the first page of results. With an SAP product configurator, businesses can provide unique descriptions with photographs to increase both their image and text-based rankings.

With Threekit's solution, merchants can increase their SERP rankings. Also, with add-on capabilities for their SAP ERP implementations, they can generate bills of materials for production orders through an API interface. 

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