3 Ways Product Configurators Make 3D Car Customization Online a Breeze

Friends driving in a car created through a 3D car customization online platform

Consumers today enjoy expressing their individuality and love the convenience of technology. Companies like Amazon and Netflix have made instant gratification the standard, and eCommerce platforms like Etsy have also stressed the appeal of custom designs, making product customization wildly popular. 

Consumers want their belongings to reflect their identity. They also expect convenient, personalized experiences. 

The automotive industry is no exception. A new car is a huge investment. So it's no surprise that consumers are seeking out 3D car customization online to create their dream car. Luckily for them, product configurators are making that a much better, easier experience.

1. Customers Can Easily Create Exactly What They Want


Sometimes, consumers seek out 3D car customization online and get disappointed. Instead of true customization, some sites may only give basic options like the car model, color, and add-ons.   

Our 3D product configurator is capable of so much more than that. We provide real customization options and advanced product configuration types. So let's take a look under the hood.  

Nested Configuration Lets Users Customize Components

Nested configuration allows you to put configurators inside of other configurators, like Russian nesting dolls. The biggest, outermost doll is your 3D car configurator that lets them choose options like off-road vehicles or sports cars and add features like body kits, fenders, fitments, and spoilers. 

Then inside that configurator, you can have additional ones like:

  • A configurator that lets them customize their body kit
  • One to choose the shape and dimensions of their spoiler
  • Even ones for add-ons and accessories like the floor mats and seat covers

Parametric Configuration Provides Freedom of Choice 

Parametric configuration is when you allow users to define the exact specifications of each individual parameter. When consumers use parametric configuration, it lets them decide the measurements, materials, and functions they want. This is far better than just choosing between basic options with different sizes and measurements.

3D car customization online can include some options and accessories that aren't part of the vehicle itself, giving users more freedom to decide the specifications. For example, when going through the 3D configuration process for a truck, they might choose to add truck bed accessories like a cover or storage box to keep in the back. 

With parametric configuration, they can choose the size, shape, material, functionality, and more! 

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2. Customers Don't Have to Start From Scratch

Some users will want complete freedom and control to really make the car their own. But others may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and lack of restrictions. Many may want the ability to start with a blank slate, while others need more guidance. The great thing about 3D car customization online is that it's flexible enough to give both users what they need. 

Templates Give Users a Starting Point

Some users may have no interest in using 3D configuration to change the body, engine, or car itself. They may have chosen 3D car customization online for the add-ons and accessories like a car mechanic simulator and tinted windows. 

A template with standard features already included lets them focus on choosing the entertainment system, seat covers, and floor mats.  

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Integrated Preset Configurations Save Time

Some combinations will naturally be popular. For example, it's likely that more than one couple with small children buying a minivan will want:

  • All the safety features (like blind-spot monitoring)
  • A premium infotainment system with a high-quality internet connection
  • Backseat entertainment features with a child lock for in-app purchases
  • A portable mini vacuum and fabric protection treatments

Having a preset configuration saves time and still gives them the option to make changes and additions. 

Conditional Logic Guides Users Through the Process

Conditional logic includes the rules the configurator uses for what changes can be made. They can walk users through customization step by step. If they choose the car brand BMW, the next step could be 2-door or 4-door, then sedan or SUV, etc. 

As they make choices, they also narrow down the options; after all, truck bed accessories wouldn't be an add-on for a sedan. This can make 3D car customization online much easier. 

Plus, without it, they may be shown incompatible features. For example, if they choose a Tesla Roadster, they may still be shown options only available for an Audi. That won’t create a good customer experience.

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3. Advanced Visualization Techniques Increase Confidence

Father and daughter looking at 3D car customization online options

Some sites advertising custom cars don't provide any visualizations to show the chosen options beyond model and exterior color! But visuals are incredibly important to 3D car customization online. 

If you can't see the feature combinations, then how can you know if you like them? That's why Threekit has several advanced product visuals for cars and auto parts.

Interactive 3D & 360° Product Visualizations Display Every Angle

3D models and 360° visuals allow users to spin and zoom to display every angle, so they know exactly what they're getting before they buy. Allow users to see the inside and outside of the vehicle on demand. 

Hotspots give extra information when clicked or hovered over, and the visuals update to show changes in real-time. With the power of interactive 3D and 360° product visualizations, you can make 3D car customization online faster, easier, clearer, and more self-explanatory.

Virtual Reality Provides an Interactive Showroom-Like Experience 

Virtual reality (VR) allows users to have an immersive, showroom-like experience. They can use a VR display to replicate the experience of getting in the car for a test drive, seeing all the features up close, and even hear the engine roar. It's the next best thing to seeing it in person, which is why it's growing more popular in the auto industry.

Augmented Reality Allows Users to Visualize Size

Augmented reality (AR) lets users put the car in their driveway or garage to accurately visualize the size of the vehicle, as well as all the features. One issue people often have with 3D car customization online is the inability to see it and judge things like real-life size. 

Giving them this added visualization option has huge benefits like a higher conversion rate. Also, you can use AR for customers who come into the showroom. Even if you don't have the exact model or add-on they want, you can still show them exactly how it would look. 

Give the People What They Want

Time after time, customers say loud and clear that they want the ability to customize products and plenty of options. That includes viewing online products in multiple ways, using state-of-the-art technology in the showroom and online, and having plenty of options available when they opt for 3D car customization online

Our platform has everything you need to deliver. Take your online car configurator game from zero to sixty in no time flat. 

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