3 Ways to Add a Salesforce Product Configurator to Instagram Marketing

Shopper getting retargeting ads on Instagram that show customized products in a Salesforce product configurator

If you sell products on Salesforce and haven't considered the value of Instagram marketing, then now is the time to devise a strategy — with a Salesforce product configurator as its foundation. 

Consumers who make direct purchases from social media rank Instagram as the second best social media platform for shopping (only beneath Facebook). With so many consumers shopping on Instagram, it should come as no surprise that many businesses are already using the platform for marketing. 

However, there is one way to add another powerful sales tool to your Instagram marketing strategy so you can stand out from the competition. Using a Salesforce product configurator for Instagram marketing gives you an edge with amazing 3D product visualization, product customization and an engaging customer experience.

How a Salesforce Product Configurator Works

A visual product configurator designed for eCommerce stores on Salesforce.com allows customers to take control and configure complex products to suit their specific needs. As customers choose add-ons, their 3D visuals update in real time to provide realistic views of the updated product. 

CPQ software integrates with the product configuration process for instant price quote generation with every upgrade. The streamlined, step-by-step process combined with automated pricing updates provides shoppers with a user-friendly way to personalize products.

But the benefits of a Salesforce product configurator don't stop with shoppers. 

Small businesses and online shops benefit from automation that improves the functionality of the sales process. It’s even better if it integrates with Salesforce CPQ for accurate price quotes with no back-and-forth discussions with your sales team. 

When you introduce visual configurators into your CPQ platform and integrate them with ERP, CAD and CRM, teams under the same roof can collaborate more effectively. It improves the workflow for everyone involved.

Threekit's visual product configurator empowers you to build a better product experience for your customers today. It is designed for retailers and manufacturers to streamline sales by implementing a configure price quote process. 

Ready to get started with your Salesforce product configurator right away? Then learn more about the easy setup process right away.

3 Ways to Revolutionize Your Instagram Marketing Strategy With a Salesforce Product Configurator

If you haven't adopted an Instagram marketing strategy, then there are plenty of reasons to consider it. Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites, and it boasts an impressive 500 million visitors each day. Furthermore, the site is a popular place for consumers to interact with new brands and become acquainted with new products and services. Consider these Instagram stats.

  • One billion people use Instagram every month.

  • 30 minutes a day is the average amount of time users stay on Instagram.

  • 50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service on Instagram.

  • 90% of people on Instagram follow a business, and 50% are more interested in a brand when they see ads for it on Instagram.

Those are impressive stats for businesses to take into consideration. But when you combine the power of Instagram marketing with the power of selling through a Salesforce product configurator, you can see even more results. These stats show how a product configurator can improve your sales:

  • Enabling 3D configuration and AR on your eCommerce site can increase conversion rates by 40%.

  • 60% of online buyers want to see products in 3D.

  • 66% of shoppers say augmented reality increases their confidence they're buying the right product.

  • 95% of consumers prefer interactive 3D to video playback.

  • 360-degree spin ranks #1 among all eCommerce visual presentations.

When you channel the power of a Salesforce product configurator into your Instagram marketing strategy, you can gain the interest of new customers and build brand recognition over time. 

Here are three ways you can up your Instagram marketing game with your product configurator. 

1. Use shoppable posts

When consumers view shoppable posts on Instagram, they reach the payment process and checkout without leaving the social media site. Even better, 130 million Instagram accounts tap on a shopping post to learn more about products each month. 

Shoppable posts already make buying convenient and easy since they allow customers to shop from the site they're already using. 

Adding a product configurator to the mix gives your post the power to stand out with amazing visuals and engage visitors with configuring options. 90% of what we process is visual.

When your shoppable posts include interactive 3D models instead of static images, your products are more likely to get noticed than those of your competitors. Since the CPQ solution integrates directly into the configuration tool, shoppers never face sticker shock when they reach checkout.

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2. Use Instagram for retargeting

Man seeing Salesforce product configurator how-tos through social media

63% of Americans say they check Instagram daily. This makes Instagram a prime location for retargeting shoppers who visited your store but failed to make a purchase. 

Retargeting with a product configurator on Instagram allows you to re-introduce products already viewed by the shopper. You can also select related items from your product catalog.

Since the shopper is now viewing your products while on social media, your odds of having products shared with other potential customers also increases.

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3. Create live videos to demonstrate product configuration

Using a product configurator is a fun and simple activity. Unfortunately, it's impossible for your customers to know that if they have never seen the process. 

There's no denying that video is a beloved form of entertainment and a valuable resource for learning new things. Instagram videos allow you to combine the power of both for an improved marketing strategy. 

How-to videos can be used to show consumers the versatility of your personalized products. They also offer a visual of how to use the tool.

When you use an enthusiastic speaker to share the process, consumers can quickly see the engaging nature of configuring personalized products.

Your Instagram marketing strategy is an important part of attracting your target customers to your Salesforce store. Adding a product configurator to the process means you can stand out from your competitors. You can gain more views and increase your conversion rate. 

Ready to boost your sales by making a product configurator part of your Instagram marketing strategy? Get in touch with the experts at Threekit to learn how to get started right away.