3 Best Practices for Guided Selling in a Shopify Product Customizer

Shopper finalizing a purchase through a Shopify product customizer

Today, sales reps try different marketing tactics to guide shoppers to a buying decision with the hope of increasing the conversion rate. Along with implementing a Shopify product customizer, one of the approaches most of them (especially eCommerce sales reps) like to use is guided selling. 

So what is it all about? 

Guided selling is simply customizing the selling or purchase process to help specific buyers choose and purchase products that match their needs. Sales representatives usually use this method to guide customers down the sales funnel, hoping it will help them reach a buying decision fast and make a purchase. 

With that in mind, let's have a look at how you can leverage a Shopify product customizer to guide your customers to a purchase decision. 

Best Practices: Using a Shopify Product Customizer to Guide Buyers 

Consider these three best practices for making guided selling more enjoyable and successful — for both your shoppers and your sales team.

1. Create a better user experience 

Great user experience is a top consideration for customers today. A whopping 88% of customers will not return to your Shopify store after having a bad shopping experience. 

Unless you are not serious about growing your business, that should send cold shivers down your spine if you have not put enough effort into providing a great user experience. 

A Shopify product customizer comes in handy here. It makes it possible to customize shoppers’ buying journeys in such a way that they will quickly see how your products tackle their needs. 

For example, if you sell furniture, they can use it to view your products from all possible angles. That way, they are better assured of what they are buying, which can go a long way in improving the conversion rate. 

A product customizer empowers shoppers to achieve any level of product customization they desire before purchasing. This is critical, especially if you sell customizable products. 

They can leverage a Shopify product customizer's customization options to tweak the original design to their satisfaction. 

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2. Prompt them to take action 

Couple having fun shopping through a Shopify product customizer

Seeing is believing in marketing. That is why over 66% of shoppers prefer to watch videos prior to shopping. 

This means investing in visuals or videos in marketing is something you need to consider very seriously to make more sales. 

A Shopify product customizer is more than videos and other visuals that eCommerce stores have used in the past. It offers an immersive experience (almost similar to the in-store experience) that online shoppers have missed for a long period since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This experience is enough to prompt shoppers to click the "buy now" option. 

Consider this: you admire how air fryers operate and wish to have one in the house. But you can't because you don't know how to operate it. 

Now, when window-shopping online, you come across a site that demonstrates how to operate it to achieve the best results. 

Wouldn’t that lure you into making a purchase right away? A product configurator is a perfect tool that you can use to showcase how your products work and how to achieve the best possible level of product customization.

So, if you're struggling to prompt buyers to interact with your products and make a purchase, then you may want to consider integrating a shopping product configurator into your online store. Besides, if you want to offer the same experience on mobile devices, the Shopify app store has got you covered. 

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3. Show every detail

Customers love to see what they are getting. 

That is why a significant number still visit brick-and-mortar stores. They want to see and touch before making a decision. 

But that’s not always possible when it comes to online buying. They are often restricted to images and sometimes videos provided by the store. 

Depending on how convincing these images or videos are, they may decide to hit the "purchase now" button or the back arrow.

A Shopify product configurator comes with cool technologies, such as virtual photography and augmented reality. You can bring the in-store experience right in front of your customers' eyes. 

Through it, they can see every detail of their custom orders, just like they would when physically visiting a store. 

This may not be that significant to them when buying business cards and t-shirts. But when it comes to complex custom products, they will appreciate the experience. 

Every finer detail will be available to them. Also, if they need to make any change to the product design, they can do that in real time.

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The unique features of a Shopify product customizer

Threekit's Shopify product customizer is the best configurator your eCommerce shop can have. It comes with advanced functionalities that let you offer your customers the best shopping experience. 

Some of the user-friendly features that make it a great option include:

  • Augmented reality that lets your customers see your products in their own space before buying them
  • Options for shoppers to upload their clipart or images as SVG, PNG, JPG for custom creations
  • Easy-to-use dropdown menus and checkboxes
  • Accessibility across all devices
  • Great product options that you can use to show unlimited products on all product pages
  • Numerous templates and bulk actions to help shoppers achieve their desired level of customization fast
  • Real-time pricing for all products, including customized products
  • Simple text fields that allow shoppers to add whatever text inputs they prefer

Stand Out From the Competition

Owning an online business is not for the fainthearted. You must be willing to go the extra mile to remain competitive. 

With new stores coming up and e-retailers leveraging different technologies to remain on top of the game, you can't just sit down and hope to thrive. 

At Threekit, we empower you with technologies that help you get in front of your customers before your competitors do. We make sure you are able to meet them wherever they may be and offer a remarkable experience. 

Whether they spend time on social media or visit your store, the right Shopify product customizer ensures they never think about your competitor. Best of all, our customer support is always available to help if you have any challenges (whether back-end or front-end) with any of our product personalizers. 

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