In a world where buyers demand to be “wowed” by what they see, the visual customer experience rarely lives up to expectations. Threekit creates photorealistic images, 3D and augmented reality that translates to engaging and beautiful customer experiences.

Customer expectations are changing, and the data proves it

Product Detail Page Features that are Influential to Digital Purchase Decisions

83 %
of shoppers point to product images as the most influential factor in their purchasing decision.
Product Images/Photos83% 
Star Ratings64% 
Comparison Charts45% 
Product video36% 
3 Images (2016)8 Images (2019)37.5% 

Average Number of Images US Digital Shoppers Expect to See for a Product on an eComm Site

People expect upwards of 8 different images per product page, up from 3 in 2016.

One Platform

Instant Scale

Higher ROI

Actionable Data

The Threekit Visualization Platform Drives Results

40 %
Improvement on conversion rates
20 %
Higher order value

Threekit Integrates with the Leading Platforms

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