You buyer experience is overwhelming. Threekit Can help.

Threekit leverages your catalog, images, and AI to show buyers personalized product recommendations in seconds.

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AI Transforms How People Buy

Finding the Right Products, Fast 

Visual Discovery

Energizing, Fast, and Easy 

Personalized Inspiration

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Making Sure Products are Right for You

Configuration Concierge

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Build Confidence, Not Confusion


Visual Discovery


Selling online begins with product discovery

Yet, 68% of shoppers abandon an eCommerce site due to bad, inaccurate search results. For brands with complicated products or big catalogs, this is a sales killer.


Enter Visual Discovery

Help buyers find the products they want without the friction and frustration of the typical eCommerce search experience. 

Visual Discovery at Work


Buyers Want to Find the Right Product without the Help of Sales 

Arm buyers with enough information to gain confidence without a salesperson and submit a highly qualified lead

  • Give users prompts to start the process
  • Enable image upload to give them confidence 
  • Present options based on feedback to avoid excessive on-site digging 

The Result

  • Comfort and confidence, even for uneducated buyers
  • Higher degree of shopper satisfaction
  • More highly qualified leads 

Select how you want to provide input.


Select door and see options.


Select style based on use.


Sends qualified lead with product details.


You Might Have What Shoppers Want...but They Don't Know Exactly What It's Called

Eliminate overwhelm and get shoppers to collections of relevant products, quickly 

  • Enable text input or quiz answers
  • Present multiple complementary products at once
  • Optimize and narrow selection with each interaction

The Result

  • Better product recommendations and faster time to cart 
  • Higher brand affinity 
  • Larger cart values

Answer quiz questions to start the engagement


Shown gallery of products to explore based on quiz answers


Text input for more information


Click into one of the products you’re presented to explore and customize

Configuration Concierge


When do lots of choices become too many? 

Product configuration is amazing but often, presenting too many product choices and options can lead to buyer second guessing, uncertainty and abandonment.


Enter Configuration Concierge

Providing every shopper with a personalized experience that simplifies the buying process and drives confidence. 

Exploring How AI Creates the Perfect Product Experience

There are different ways for customers to start the engagement with an AI-driven configuration experience.

Natural Language Text or Voice
depiction of text input

Threekit AI leverages natural language processing to translate buyer requirements & tastes into the perfect product configuration.

Image Upload

The buyer uploads an image & Threekit AI leverage computer vision to recommend products while taking space constraints, complementary colors and more into account. 

Configuration Concierge Use Cases

Text Input Application

For the Buyer Configuring an Individual Product 

Let shoppers say what they want and show it them

  • Lose the forms fields and buttons for a Conversational Configurator 
  • Prompt shoppers with short inquiries to uncover their unique tastes
  • Show the product in real time and allow for feedback

The Result 

  • Simplified product navigation
  • A perfectly satisfying buying experience
  • Faster purchase
graphic of show with AI chat

Buyer has a beautiful 3D model and an easy chat to get started.


“Design me a shoe for Christmas” Threekit AI suggests with visualization.


Let buyers continue to customize the product in a natural language format.


Recommendation is accurate with product catalog and and optimized against past similar orders.

Text Input Application

For the High-Value Customer Who Wants an Expert

Let shoppers describe their goal and receive guidance and suggestions a trusted source

  • Reassure shoppers they’re in good hands
  • Give them choices that reflect their input and reinforce their taste
  • Show them only products that align with their goals 

The Result 

  • Reduced design service costs 
  • More custom buying opportunities, 24/7
  • Higher brand loyalty

Welcomed by an advisor avatar who states her role, invites you to inquire.


Presents standard product and asks how/where you might be using it.


Provides options that fit your description so you can weigh in on if it’s right.

chair with a different cover

Presents the product with chosen options and asks if youre ready to purchase

Image Upload Application

For the Buyer Who Wants to Configure Multiple Products in Their Space

Let shoppers upload a picture and get custom product recommendations

  • Suggest several product that fit the space
  • Enable shopper to customize each suggested product 
  • Ensure products are accurate with your product catalog and can be fulfilled

The Result 

  • Products are accurate to your product catalog
  • Higher cart value 
  • Higher brand loyalty

Buyer chats with AI assistant “browse or upload a picture.”


“These are the pieces I suggest we look at upgrading.”


“Based on your room style & selected pieces, I think this chair would be lovely.”


Recommendation is accurate with product catalog and and optimized against past similar orders.

The Power of Threekit AI for Manufacturers and Brands

chat graphic I have midcentury home and need pillows

Reduce Decision Fatigue 
Stop information overload and help buyers make confident decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

graphic showing icons for catalog

Harness product and buyer data
Threekit AI harness product catalog, buyer inputs and visual data in the Threekit Platform.

windows with 3 different pillows

Drive buyer confidence  
When buyers get helped “80% of the way” they can be more confident and complete the configured purchase.