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Accurate visual representations of a configured product strengthens a consumer's confidence that what they see is what they’ll get.

Instill buyer confidence and display entire product catalogs with real-time interactive visual configuration.

Customize and Configure Any Product

Online shoppers expect more from their ecommerce experience than ever before, including the ability to see your goods customized to their own desires before purchase. The Threekit 3D Visual Product Configurator is a custom product builder that helps customers understand what an end product will look like. The process is intuitive, quick and the end result is uniquely theirs, improving both sales and reduces returns.


Threekit's product customizer removes the guesswork for the consumer to preview the available options for your product before they make their purchase. Accurate visual representations of a configured product strengthen a consumer's confidence that what they see is what they'll get. Because they don't have to guess or wait for the product to arrive, they are much more likely to keep what they've purchased, saving you the costly process and time of dealing with returned goods.

Threekit Drives Results

30% improvement on average sales price

Consumers that can see customized products in advance are both more willing to make a purchase and pay more for what they're getting.

How are Visual Configurators Created?

The best product configurators use 3D modeling to recreate digital models of products, components, materials, lighting, animations, and more. Threekit can help you from start to finish whether you have existing assets or you need us to design them for you. Once your assets are built, choose the experience that's right for your brand from the user interface, color options, sizes, and any other critical elements to your product's design and features.

Threekit's custom configurator easily works with Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magneto. Install the simple custom script into your site architecture and watch your site engagement grow as consumers interact with the options you've provided them and sales naturally increase as a result.

See how Threekit works. View Your Product in 3D

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Drives Results

30 %
Improvement on average sales price

Platform Overview

Build and manage dynamic product experiences so you can sell more, faster.

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Why Threekit

Our clients trust in a unified visualization platform to manage, configure, and dynamically render their ever-changing product catalogues.

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