With one line of code you can embed interactive 3D models directly into your website and start creating a rich, customized experience for your customers.

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Seamlessly integrate into the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. And your website is your stage—our solutions fit seamlessly into your website.




Instantly embed interactive 3D models directly into your website. Our 360 degree product viewer is fully customizable and 100% white labelled, allowing you to keep your own branding and quickly add custom annotations. The viewer can also be repurposed to build an interactive 3D product configurator used for customizing simple and complex product SKUs.



Interactive 3D product experiences deliver an unmatched shopping experience and are proven to boost customer engagement and increase sales as much as 30%. Product personalization increases average selling price by highlighting premium options.

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Types of Interactive 3D

A picture is worth how many words?



Interactive 3D drives efficiency and reduces costs

94 %
Increase in page views with interactive 3D models

Platform Overview

Build and manage dynamic 3D product experiences so you can sell more, faster.

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Why Threekit

Our clients trust in a unified visualization platform to manage, configure, and dynamically render their ever-changing product catalogs.

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