Augmented Reality for eCommerce

Boost shopper confidence with the ultimate sales tool. Let users put your customizable products in their space in real-time so they press “buy.”

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Augmented reality platform for eCommerce, retail and B-to-B sales. 

66% of shoppers say augmented reality increases their confidence that they’re buying the right product.

Deliver a best-in-class experience that gets customers excited to order your product.

Learn About How AR Boosts Sales

Why Threekit Augmented Reality?


Engages and delights your users

There is something magical about seeing a product in your space when it’s not yet there. Immerse shoppers in the experience of your product so they have to have it.


Brings a shopper’s actual creation to life

Some experiences let you use AR, but only Threekit's AR platform allows you to put the customized product that you just created in your space, in real time.


Mobile and web-native

Threekit AR launches on your smartphone and directly from your product page, no app required. 

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Want to understand more about Threekit's augmented reality platform? Let’s get to it.

Getting Started with Augmented Reality

You might be wondering “How does this whole thing work?”  It comes down to three steps.

step one

Import or Create Files

The whole process starts with files, and we’ll work with what you have. You can import a 3D or CAD file. If you don’t have those, we’ll build a 3D file from representative photos and materials that you send to our team.

step two

Plug into the Platform

Once in-hand, we import your 3D files into the platform as models, materials, and assets. We then use rules from your product catalog to create parameters for how a customer can configure the product on your site.

step three

Go Live

We place the player on your website with a built-in user interface and the augmented reality feature turned on and ready to go.

Try our Configurable AR feature to see your customized product brought to life. 

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