Spin and zoom functions encourage customers to engage with your products. Adjust colors, parts, and materials instantly to offer customers millions of possible variations.

With guided UIs that even the most non-technical customers can use, we support the upload and click-and-drag placement of custom text, images, and logos. Use our powerful APIs right out of the box, learn how to build a 3D product configurator on your own using our Shopify plug-in, or let our experts build a solution for you.

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3D product configurators boost customer engagement and are proven to increase sales as much as 30%. Give your customers unprecedented creative freedom and offer a rich, interactive shopping experience.




Our configurator starts loading within 2 seconds of a customer entering your site. We constantly measure the load time of our configurators to ensure they are loading as fast as they possibly can on desktop, mobile, tablet, and VR headsets.




ThreeKit is a low-cost alternative to bespoke configurators. We understand that budgets are limited and timelines are tight—it’s important to invest your resources wisely.

Types of Interactive 3D

A picture is worth how many words?



Interactive 3D drives efficiency and reduces costs

94 %
Increase in page views with interactive 3D models

Platform Overview

Build and manage dynamic 3D product experiences so you can sell more, faster.

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Why ThreeKit

Our clients trust in a unified visualization platform to manage, configure, and dynamically render their ever-changing product catalogs.

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