Unrivaled Product Visualization 

Our unified platform transforms the way teams create, organize, maintain and distribute product visuals.

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The Threekit Platform Difference 

Threekit was created by 3D specialists who brought together the best features of all their favorite tools and put them in one platform.


Code-free Product Management

An intuitive product catalog that any merchandiser could navigate.  

Separate, Connected Storage of 3D Assets & Product Catalog

3D artists render component parts like fabric type and individual features as 3D assets. Business users compile them as products to build out your catalog.

Product, Part, & Style Storage

Store all component pieces and product orders in the platform, along with visual representations.

Tasks & Approvals System

Control project timeline and quality by creating tasks for specific users or 3D artists and approving upon completion.


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Built for eCommerce

Threekit has connectors for all major eCommerce platforms. Create unrivaled user experience with features designed to streamline every part of your operations:

ERP Integration

Plug directly into your existing ERP for accuracy and instant updates.

Bill-of-Materials (BOM)

Works with your ERP to generate a complete list of parts, even for the most highly customized products.

Standalone Quote / Pricing Generation (CPQ)

Generate quotes as fast as users build products with an advanced real-time pricing system that works with your BOM.

Product Bundling

Combine multiple SKUs into a single configuration to increase average order size.

Seamless Store Integration

Connect configurations created and stored online with in-store tools for an “endless aisle” experience.


eCommerce Integrations

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Exponential ROI Potential

The ultimate 3D asset manager, Threekit lets you create a high-quality 3D representation once, distribute it across multiple platforms and iterate off it for years to come. That means any single asset you create has exponential ROI potential.

3D Standards Compliant

Designed by experienced visual effects software developers to be future-proof, Threekit is interoperable with Substance, Maya, 3DS Max, zBrush and most other popular forms. Represent any data currently in FBX, OBJ or Substance without loss. 

Real-time Rendering 

World-class rendering based on our standardized state-of-the-art PBR+ model and compatible with glTF and USDZ. It also supports the physically based standards of Autodesk Standard Surface and Dassault Enterprise PBR, making data easily interoperable with glTF, USDZ, Substance and UE4.

Scene, Model, Material & Image Storage

Our efficient 3D asset management system separates scenes (backgrounds, settings), models (parts, products), materials (styles) and images (textures), enabling artists to maximize their time. 

Built-in Versioning

Leading-edge versioning system, inspired by Git.

Smart Assets

Give each asset its own attributes to control and configure its behavior and appearance and fulfill multiple use cases.

Built-in Materials Library

Platform comes with dozens of high-quality default materials for common use cases.


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3D That’s Easy to Update & Navigate

Our leading-edge 3D configuration is powered by a rules engine that enables virtually unlimited customization, all without coding: 

Parametric Configuration 

Unlimited flexibility in width, height and depth to meet any design parameter – “Engineering-to-order.” 

Product Bundling

Combine multiple SKUs into a single configuration to increase average order size.

Unlimited Personalization 

Upload images, personalize type and change color in real time.

ERP Integration 

Plugs directly into your ERP for accuracy and instant alignment.

Nested Configuration 

Put one configured product within another and cut product complexity.


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Fewer Manufacturing Errors, Lower Costs

Our platform houses all configuration and production data in one place, which enables direct manufacturing and workflow automation. This reduces errors and costs for manufacturers, thanks to several core capabilities:

Order Tracking

Keep all order data – including full configuration and product details – in one place. Add data based on workflows.


Actions are integrated as they occur, instantly aligning your workflow.

Custom APIs

Automate any workflow, including imports, exports, and even mass renders. Make edits, publish products, and update assets. Listen and respond to incoming events and  trigger post-order workflows.

Manufacturing Outputs 

Set your API up to automatically create emails, BOMs, assembly instructions and renders.


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Explore Our Product Visualization Capabilities

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3D Configurator

Interactive & modular configuration
Product tours
Personalization & customization
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Virtual Photographer™

A photorealistic image-based configurator
On-demand rending
Silhouette & lifestyle shots

Augmented Reality

Product previews
Real-time placement
Works with iOS & Android

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Built with Users in Mind

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3D Artists

Threekit was built by 3D artists for 3D artists. It allows them to get more out of existing assets while creating new ones. Relevant product features:

  • UE4-like assets
  • One model/multiple outputs
  • Real-time rendering
  • V-Ray Next-based photorealistic rendering
  • Model nesting
  • Maya-like editor
  • Wide import/export support – Supports both Android and iOS native AR
  • Unified materials between photorealistic and real-time rendering
  • Git-like versioning
  • Unlimited, scalable, integrated render farm

Marketers and Creative Teams

One of the driving principles of Threekit was to give businesses more control over their product assets without having to learn coding. Relevant product features:

  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Product catalog
  • Simple product configuration rule system, no code required
  • eCommerce integrations
  • ERP integration 
  • Data and analytics built-in
  • Tasks and approvals allow businesses to manage 3D asset creation
  • Maximizes efficiency and self-maintenance
  • Public and private sharing for distribution and retail


Threekit integrates naturally into developer workflows. Relevant features include:  

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