Threekit Plans

We have solutions for any visual challenge at any stage of your business. Whether you have a selection of customizable products that you want to put in 3D or you need to create thousands of product images efficiently, Threekit can deliver.


Get started with the essential visualization tools to wow your customers.

  • 3D Product Viewer
  • 3D Product Configurator
  • Product Catalog Management
  • 3D Model Management
  • API calls for 1,000 configured items
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Standard success plan


Get enhanced features that elevate the visual customer experience.

  • All Starter Features +
  • Virtual Photographer (optional add-ons)
  • API calls for 100,000 configured items
  • Standard success plan with 24 hours/year managed services hours


Take your visualization capabilities to the enterprise level with unprecedented scale and efficiency.

  • All Pro Features +
  • Virtual Photographer
  • AR export
  • API calls for 1,000,000 configured items
  • Premier success plan with 48 hours/year managed services


Drive the future of merchandising with product visualization that’s virtually limitless.

  • All Enterprise Features +
  • API calls for 10,000,000 configured items
  • Premier success plan with 96 hours/year managed services

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