Tuesday, July 7 
2:00 PM CST

Consumers are willing to pay 20% more for the same product if they are able to personalize or customize it to their needs. 

But for many brands, enabling customers to create personalized products online is challenging. How do you create product visuals that allow customers the control to configure an item to their specific needs? 

With a visual configurator from Threekit, brands can empower customers to create customized products in real-time online. 

Join this live demo to see:

  • A 3D configurator allowing customers to completely customize a product to meet their needs 
  • A Virtual Photographer that enables personalization online with high-quality images 
  • Configurable augmented reality allowing customers to view a customized item in their space 

Presented By

Ismail Karabulut Will Thompson

Ismail Karabulut

Account Executive, SMB

Will Thompson

Demo Engineer


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