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3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Photography for Automotive Merchants

Today’s car and car parts shoppers have more buying options than ever, especially online.

So whether you sell new and used cars or are in the business of aftermarket parts and accessories, you need a visual experience that makes your product shine.

Experience the power of Threekit’s 3D configuration, virtual photography and AR firsthand.

Why Threekit For Automotive?

Advanced Configuration

Empower shoppers and dealers to build custom vehicles in real time

Allow infinite customization, from powertrain model, to rim style, interior fabric, appearance package and more.

Parts Storage and Organization

Unlock asset management for aftermarket parts

Outpace the competition with visualization and storage solutions for DIY and DIFM retailers, dealers and distributors.

Stakeholder Access and Alignment

Create, integrate and store your product images in one place

Allow easy access and distribution of  3D or 2D product renders to retailers, dealers and distributors via our catalog system.

Want to understand all the features that make Threekit 3D auto visualization special?

Take a look. 

Advanced Configuration

Enables complex, original customization with parametric and nested configuration.

ACES and PIES Integration

Works standardized industry data formats for seamless implementation.

VIN Search

Helps users find and inspect the right part for the right vehicle.

Augmented Reality

Bring your vehicle or car part to life with configurable AR.

Manufacturing Outputs

Automatically generate bill-of-materials, assembly instructions, CAD files, cut patterns and more. Learn more

Are you on any of these platforms? We integrate with them all, and more.