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3D and Augmented Reality for Tech and Electronics

“Off-the-shelf” tech hardware and electronic equipment rarely meets the needs of today’s buyers.

Customization and the ability to personalize have become the expectation and you need a visual experience that delivers this. The answer is 3D configuration and augmented reality.

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Experience the power of Threekit firsthand.

Why Threekit For Technology & Electronics?

3D Configuration and Visualization

Provide visual storytelling demos that sell

Teach buyers the in’s and out’s of your product digitally with 3D tours and in-depth visualizations.

Configurable Augmented Reality

Enable shoppers to put your product in their space

Allow users to visualize the size and appearance of their own configured design in their space with AR.

Resolve Support Issues

Help users diagnose operational challenges remotely

Empower customers with detailed product visuals that highlight specific issues and provide step-by-step instructions for self-support.


Want to understand all the features that make Threekit 3D tech visualization special?

Take a look.

Cross Product Application

Perfect for gaming consoles, monitors, point-of-sale, computer hardware, printers, appliances, speaker systems and more. 

Advanced Configuration

The most complex configuration capabilities available, including nested and parametric configuration. Learn more

ERP Integration

Let vendors generate a complete list of parts automatically. 

3D Asset Management

Store your product data as individual models, materials and textures to enable wide-scale repurposing.  Learn more

Automatic Manufacturing Outputs

Automatically generate bill-of-materials, assembly instructions, CAD files, cut patterns and more. Learn more

Are you on any of these platforms? We integrate with them all, and more.