Amazing Product Visuals for Kitchen and Bath

Sell more with beautiful, engaging product experiences. 

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Whether you’re selling directly to end-users or to designers and contractors, you need configurable product visuals that make your cabinets, basins, tile and fixtures shine. 

Threekit makes it all happen.


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Why Threekit For Kitchen and Bath?

Product Experience that Sells

Empower users to create the perfect design

With high-fidelity 3D configuration, designers and end users can update styles, silhouettes and finishes, all in real time.

Configurable Augmented Reality

Enable users to put your product in their space

Threekit is the first platform that allows users to get a sense of product size and fit with their own configured design.  

Manufacturing Outputs

Automatically generate all the specs you need for custom production

The platform creates all the information necessary to manufacture unique products. No more miscommunications or incomplete sales orders. 


Want to understand all the features that make Threekit 3D furniture visualization special?

Take a look.  

Product, Part and Style Storage

Our platform stores your product data as individual models, materials and textures to  enable wide-scale repurposing. Learn more

Materials Library

Access an existing repository of popular materials and finishes. Learn more

Tasks and Approvals System

Align architects, contractors, distributors and end users with one product configuration and visualization platform. 

Advanced Configuration

The most complex configuration capabilities available, including nested and parametric configuration. Learn more

ERP Integration

Let vendors generate a complete list of parts automatically.

Are you on any of these platforms? We integrate with them all, and more.