Product and Parts Visualization for Field Service

Empower your field agents to service and close cases fast.

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3D Visualization and Augmented Reality for Field Service

The field service industry is challenged to deploy and remedy operations and equipment across industries.

But with enhanced product visualization, agents can better identify issues, order appropriate parts and close cases on their first visit.

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Experience the power of Threekit firsthand.

Why Threekit For Field Service?

Visualization for Project Management

Boost employee productivity

With high-fidelity visuals, managers, agency and techs can view and align on the proper diagnosis and part replacement in real time. 

Seamless Integration

Plug directly into your existing field service management app

Threekit is a headless solution that fits into your existing tech stack and helps you resolve cases even faster.

Centralized Asset Management

Keep part visuals organized and accessible

Create and store a visual inventory of every product and part you need to service jobs efficiently. 


Want to understand all the features that make Threekit for field service special?

Take a look.

Advanced Visualization

Enables agents to view complex products and machinery, inside and out.

Product Lookup

Helps agents identify and order the right parts for the right products and machinery.

Augmented Reality

Brings parts and entire products to life with configurable AR.

Automatic Documentation

Automatically generates repair instructions and orders directly from the platform.

Are you on any of these platforms? We integrate with them all, and more.