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3D Customization and Virtual Photography for Clothing and Shoes

Whether you make custom suits, couture dresses or hand made shoes, you have to provide shoppers with the ability to personalize your products.

You also need remarkable visual fidelity.  Make it all happen with Threekit’s 3D configurator and Virtual Photographer.


Why Threekit For Clothing and Shoes?


Let your shoppers create their own custom piece

With 2D renders or 3D configuration, they can customize silhouettes, fabrics, materials, patterns, colors and cuts.

Visual Fidelity

Present products in all their beautiful detail

Images of custom clothes need to convey the exact look and quality that makes each piece worth its price tag. Threekit imagery brings every feature to life.

Product Imagery that Scales

Represent your entire customizable portfolio online

With a vast product portfolio and a variety of styles, it can seem impossible to capture it all. Threekit photorealistic imagery makes it possible.


"We dress people for the most important moments in their lives, and I firmly believe the tailored clothing options we offer along with Threekit’s solutions create that seamless, omnichannel experience our customers expect."

tailored brands

John Tighe, President

Want to understand all the features that make Threekit apparel and shoes visualization special?

Take a look. 

Advanced Configuration

The most complex configuration capabilities available, including nested and parametric configuration. Learn more

3D Asset Management

Store your product data as individual models, materials, fabrics and textures to enable wide-scale repurposing.  Learn more

Automatic Manufacturing Outputs

Automatically generate bill-of-materials, instructions, CAD files, cut patterns and more.  Learn more

Materials Library
Access an existing repository of popular materials and finishes.  Learn more

Are you on any of these platforms? We integrate with them all, and more.