Create immersive customer experiences for customizable Aftermarket Parts

Inspire customers with the confidence to buy from your complex product portfolio. Create incredible visual experiences at scale—with the only complete visual commerce solution on the market.

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How Threekit customer experiences could work for you

Most configurators can’t handle the breadth of your customization options. But Threekit isn’t just a CPQ. It combines product configuration software with a visual engine—and can keep up with your offering to create incredible customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Imagine this

  1. Your customer browses high-resolution, computer-generated images of your Aftermarket Parts to get inspiration.
  2. Starting with their preferred basic product, they start adding all their unique specifications using your configuration software. The sheer range of options already surpasses customer expectations.
  3. Your powerful data-driven tool shows them accurate configurations based on your product rules and logic, as well as real-time stock and pricing information. What they see is what they’ll get.
  4. The Aftermarket Parts look amazing in immersive 3D. But it’s a big decision, so your customer takes a couple of days to shop around.
  5. Meanwhile, your sales team sends an automated email reminder with images and specifications of their highly-customized product, urging the customer to see their configuration in augmented reality (AR).
  6. Using the AR tool, your customer experiences their designs in real-life spaces, which helps build an emotional connection. They’ve not seen anything else like it. They’re ready to make their purchase.

Deliver cutting-edge personalized experiences

Sell highly customizable, complex products, at scale with Threekit

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Before Threekit, we had to manually design everything, but now, our customers and dealers can build and visualize their workstations instantly in 3D. This visual experience puts us head and shoulders above the competition because when our prospects get their hands on our workstations, they never let go. Meagan Steffes, Project Manager at BOSTONtec bostontec_png

Visual engine

Build stunning visual experiences with 3D visuals, virtual photography, or AR. Configure 360-degree views of any product with the customer’s choice of dimensions, materials, hardware, and more. Or let them experience it in the space it’s intended for using immersive AR.

Product configurator

Empower your sales team with visual configuration software that acts as a source of truth in sales conversations. Our built-in tool manages even the most complex product rules and logic, updated in real time. Zero disconnect between what they can configure and what your sales team can quote for.

Omnichannel distribution

Create immersive experiences anywhere you sell. Whether customers land on your e-commerce store, visit your site in person, or speak to a sales rep over video call, they get consistent messaging about your product—which reflects every manufacturing, supply chain, or shipping condition.

Composable platform

Fully composable and run on APIs, Threekit works seamlessly with your current and future tech stack. As you grow, your visual experiences grow at near-limitless scale.

Deliver cutting-edge personalized experiences

Sell highly customizable, complex products, at scale with Threekit

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Frequently asked questions about immersive customer experiences

What is visual commerce?

Visual commerce is a category of tools that connect back-end product logic to front-end visual experiences. This empowers your sales team with configurable product visuals that accurately showcase your complex product offering and enhance the customer journey with immersive experiences.

Will Threekit integrate with my current tech stack?

Absolutely. Threekit integrates anywhere with a headless architecture that plugs directly into omnichannel platforms—as well as eCommerce platforms, OMS, ERP, PIM and DAM.

What if I already have a commerce platform?

No problem. If you’re ready to create memorable experiences using new technologies, let’s talk! You’ll be fully supported as you integrate our software with your existing platforms. The result? Incredible digital experiences that showcase the full potential of your product.

How long does it take to get a project to market?

Creating a timeline to go live is dependent on the scope and scale of the visuals you’re looking to create. After implementing Threekit, our clients have seen rapid results and boosted conversion rates within the year. We’ll let the case studies do the talking.

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