Visual Discovery AI for Guided Selling

 Help buyers navigate your catalog and show personalized product recommendations using guided selling. 

Engage and inspire with personalized product recommendations, even when shoppers don’t know exactly what they want. 

Deliver personalized product recommendations, even when your shoppers don’t know exactly what they want.

Provide a guided buying experience for technical products. 

Elevate your brand experience with a personal assistant that knows your catalog like the back of their hand.

Create a unique brand experience that's fun, engaging and personalized with guided selling. 

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"We had a vision to make our site even better. Threekit made that vision a reality.”

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John Gonsalves, Vice President

Visual Discovery AI Capabilities

“Something Similar”

Show me more options that look like this or are complementary

Shop the Look

Let me see outfits together and select items I like

Semantic Search

Interpret personal text or prompts, make associations and serve up results based on your user's intent

Guided Buying

Walk customers through a technical purchase with visual prompts to get input and help them build confidence

Bundled Buying

Suggest products that go with an item so the shopper can purchase them all at once

"Match This" Upload

Enable photo upload to show customers items that complement ones they already own 

“Close Enough” Text

Interpret misspellings to determine intent and get user's to the right results

Social Extension

Guide users into a fun, social-like buying experience directly from their feeds

Product Information Enrichment

Use AI to identify all the relevant features and descriptors and apply them to the right products

Visual Discovery AI by the Numbers

40 %

Conversion Lift

When shoppers are presented with personalized product recommendations, they are more likely to buy and repeat purchase

20 %

Increase in Average Order Value

Because Visual Discovery bundles complementary products, buyers are more likely to build their cart and make incremental purchases 

32 %

Bounce Rate Reduction 

When you give shoppers engaging product experiences and quickly serve personalized recommendations, they stay on your page

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