I’m ready to drive sales with better product visuals

Create an Immersive 3D Product Experience That Sells

Our customers come to us with one common request: help us create a better visual customer experience. And when we partner to achieve that goal, it’s not long before they experience the benefits.

With Threekit you will:

  • Increase conversions by as much as 40%
  • Reduce returns by as much as 50%
  • Get to market faster (time is money!)
  • Grow your portfolio of product images seamlessly
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What is Threekit?

A visual commerce platform, specializing in product configuration. Product visuals are brought to life through 3D visualization, virtual photography, and augmented reality.

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How much does Threekit cost?

Pricing is custom and varies based on your specific use case, number of products you need configured, brand of visualization, and approximate timeline and budget. We make the process as painless and fast as possible to provide an accurate and comprehensive quote.

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Will Threekit integrate with my current tech stack?

Absolutely. We integrate everywhere with a headless architecture that plugs directly into omni channel platforms as well as eCommerce platforms, OMS, ERP, PIM and DAM.

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Who in my business needs to be involved in a project with Threekit?

Key stakeholders from Marketing, eCommerce, IT, Digital, Product and Leadership teams, as well as any external creative / web agencies.

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What if I already have a commerce platform?

That’s great news! If you’re looking to supercharge your current platforms and elevate your customer experience by adding visuals, let’s talk! We’ll work with your team to integrate with your current commerce platform(s) for a unified experience that sells.

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Who owns my assets and content?

You do. 100%, all of the time.

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How long does it take to get a project to market?

Similar to pricing, creating a timeline to go-live is dependent on scope and scale of the visuals you’re looking to create.

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