Threekit is the only product configuration solution you’ll ever need. We build beautiful, fast 3D configurators that work. And we help you implement, from 3D model creation to final website integration.

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What Makes Threekit’s Configuration Solutions Different?

We build all of our 3D configurators using our own designer and our fully-featured online editor platform. The configurator designer allows for non-coders to create complex configurations very quickly. Our editor allows for easy and realistic lighting, material and mesh setup — while still delivering the power to build rich, customizable experiences. 

The benefit? 

Faster turnaround times and lower costs versus using a separate desktop editing platform.

Key Configuration Features

Dynamic Product Assembly

Allows customers to configure their own finished product by selecting pieces from your library of individual parts (for a chair, this would be arms, castors, seats, and legs). All configurations are assembled in real-time using predetermined attachment points.

This means:

  • Faster speed to market
  • Reduced development and product set up costs
Parametric Product Configuration

Allows users to create made-to-order personalized products at unprecedented speeds with controlled dimensions and incremental values at each parameter. You can also connect the experience to create real-time quoting by linking to live-pricing calculations.

This means: 

  • User empowerment and control
  • Streamlined production processes
Nested Product Configurators and Encapsulation

Enables customers with highly-complex or flexible products to create configurators “inside” configurators. A good example is a cubical. The cubical itself is configurable in terms of size and style and it may also include a chair, a desk and a light. With nested configuration, those additional products can each be defined as individual configurators which the cubical configurator can include via composition. 

This means:

Integrated Preset Configurations

Enables user to start with a pre-configured product that is close to their end goal. These presets provide multiple entry points for customers to begin the customization process, without presenting an intimidating blank slate.

This means:

  • A streamlined buying process
  • Improved customer experience

Our configurators integrate with all major eCommerce platforms.