Common Questions

We’re always happy to help, but here are some resources to help answer some common questions before talking to our support team.

What is Threekit?

A visual commerce platform, specializing in product configuration. Product visuals are brought to life through 3D visualization, virtual photography, and augmented reality.

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How much does Threekit cost?

Pricing is custom and varies based on your specific use case, number of products you need configured, brand of visualization, and approximate timeline and budget. We make the process as painless and fast as possible to provide an accurate and comprehensive quote.

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Will Threekit integrate with my current tech stack?

Absolutely. We integrate everywhere with a headless architecture that plugs directly into omni channel platforms as well as eCommerce platforms, OMS, ERP, PIM and DAM.

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Who in my business needs to be involved in a project with Threekit?

Key stakeholders from Marketing, eCommerce, IT, Digital, Product and Leadership teams, as well as any external creative / web agencies.

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What if I already have a commerce platform?

That’s great news! If you’re looking to supercharge your current platforms and elevate your customer experience by adding visuals, let’s talk! We’ll work with your team to integrate with your current commerce platform(s) for a unified experience that sells.

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Who owns my assets and content?

You do. 100%, all of the time.

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How long does it take to get a project to market?

Similar to pricing, creating a timeline to go-live is dependent on scope and scale of the visuals you’re looking to create.

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How do I get started?

Visual Configurators

What is a visual product configurator?

Another name for “visual product configurators” are “3D configurators”. 3D configurators are online tools that let customers examine a product from every angle, adding and subtracting features in real-time to see how the product changes (and often, the price along with it). The beauty of 3D configurators is that most can be accessed from multiple platforms, meaning that your customers can customize, quote or check out anywhere, anytime.

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How does this benefit eCommerce?

Visual configuration makes it easy for distributors, retailers, eCommerce, and brick-and-mortar stores to sell more. Our customers have experienced increases in conversion rates, average cart value, and average order value, as well as reductions in photography and support costs, cart abandonment, and returns.

How does it work with my website?

A configurator plugs in and interacts with your other product technology, enabling an enhanced product experience, from real-time product configuration through purchase and manufacture.

Can I see examples in real-time?

You can “shop” from Threekit's customers to view and test-drive our live experiences, from 2D virtual photography, 3D configuration and augmented reality.

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How do I get started?

Click here to Get Started and see how a visual product configurator can help your business.

Onboarding + Support

What happens after I sign up with Threekit?

New customers are automatically enrolled in our onboarding process with our customer success team; you’ll be introduced to support, receive platform training and access to documentation while aligning with your project team on deliverables.

How long is the onboarding process?

Onboarding time varies based on the scope and timeline of your project, but it typically takes approximately 4 weeks to properly prepare. You’ll work with our customer success team to make sure your project remains on schedule.

How do I get you my product and pricing info?

Our Implementation Consultants will reach out with structured templates for collecting all the information they need from you.

How do I get myself and the team ready for our visualization project?

We encourage you to review our "Getting Ready Guide". This guide has sections covering everything from prepping your data, ensuring your materials and models are prepped for your project and identifying your project team.

Getting Started - Your Project from Onboarding to Go-Live

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What are the file formats used?

The Threekit platform supports a number of file formats. For more technical information on the benefits and challenges of each file type, explore Ben Houston's Ultimate Guide to 3D File Formats.

Ultimate Guide to 3D File Formats

I’m having an issue with my configurator, what do I do?

Contact our customer support team through Threekit’s customer portal. We’ll open a ticket and work to resolve issues you may be seeing in your configurator in a timely manner.

About Threekit

What user experiences does Threekit offer?

We offer 2D Virtual Photographer, 3D configuration and Augmented Reality experiences all from a single platform.

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How does Threekit improve the buying experience?

Our visual configurator allows customers to see 100% of your products and their variations and engage with them in real-time across multiple sales channels. The more information you give your customers to make an informed buying decision, the more likely they are to become satisfied return shoppers.

How do I know if my products will benefit from visual configuration?

Click here to Get Started and talk to one of our experts to find out if visual configuration is right for your business.

Need Further Assistance?

Our 3D product experts are ready to answer your questions and discuss a custom solution for your business.

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