Case Study


Coalesse - a Steelcase Company - creates workplace furnishings that blend beauty and utility. Product customization sparks Coalesse buyers to engage on a deeper level.


Coalesse wanted to inspire customers and spark creative freedom for their extraordinary LessThanFive Chair.

The solution required an intuitive user experience that guides consumers through the design process, allowing for custom graphics, logos, and color gradients to be altered and rendered in real-time.


Providing an exceptional online shopping experience meant customers must be able to easily configure their orders from any device in real-time.

Threekit enabled Coalesse and Steelcase to launch the LessThanFive Customizer, a robust sales and design tool that offers customers a high degree of creativity and flexibility.

In a collaborative effort with the internal product design and branding team at Steelcase, we worked to ensure the Customizer would exceed expectations set out by the Coalesse team.

“I so appreciate Threekit’s speedy response and great customer service in addressing our various customer needs.” Said Sherrie Willson, Digital Marketing Manager at Steelcase Inc.

This video shows Steelcase using Threekit's 3D Configuration, customization, and personalization features so that a buyer can design a chair in real-time, including adding any color, any uploaded design print, and matte or glossy.


“Threekit's customization tool created a great way for our brand to engage customers in the design process,” Willson said.

From custom fading colors, down to the reflections from the glossy carbon fibre material, the LessThanFive Customizer puts the power in the hands of their customers and consistently delivers perfect results.

We are honored to work alongside the brand and integration team at Steelcase and the dedicated members of Conduit Studios to build, deliver, and support the LessThanFive Customizer.

Coalesse is among a growing list of companies that rely on Threekit to deliver an exceptional ecommerce experience.

Our interactive 3D product configurator boosts sales and customer confidence all while shortening your sales cycle.