Oak Beams & Frames Direct, a manufacturer of luxury bespoke oak-framed buildings, needed a configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution that could capture unique design specifications and generate a personalized quote in minutes — a process that currently took several weeks and tied-up valuable human resources.

The configuration and quoting process had to be facilitated through their existing Shopify store.


Creating the visuals for a dynamic product required a unique 3D modeling solution.

Threekit's Parametric Configuration feature made it possible to precisely adjust the length, width, pitch, and curve of each piece without hindering performance.

User-friendly sliders give customers full control to dial-in their unique requirements and see the product update in real-time. Each incremental change gets reflected in the quoted price, thanks to dynamic volume-based pricing calculation tied into Oak Beams’ existing Shopify products.


Threekit Parametric Configuraiton Example


This video shows how a buyer on Oak Beams can choose various types of products and then - using Threekit's parametric configuration feature - is able to change aspects like roof pitch, wall depth, and 10 other features. In real time, the truss is configured and - using Threekit's Configure Price Quote (CPQ) features - the truss is priced in real-time for the buyer or website visitor. 

In addition to the Truss Configurator, Threekit partnered with Oak Beams for their "Design Your Own Garage". 

Threekit Garage Builder with Parametric Configuration

In this video, a buyer can configure a garage by changing the number of bays, the roofing structure, doors, and more -- all in real time using the Threekit 3D Configurator with parametric configuration and real time pricing via CPQ. 


“The fact a customer can go from naught to a fully-personalized product in minutes is a testament to the value of 3D configuration,” says Kat Hamilton, Head of Marketing at Oak Beams & Frames Direct. “Previously, our lead time to design and quote a custom project was several weeks. With the help of ThreeKit, we’ve cut that down to minutes.”

Oak Beams finally found the answer they were looking for: a highly-personalized and user-friendly customization experience tied into Shopify. The result meant a consistently shorter sales processes and more satisfied and engaged customers.