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Helping Customers Help Themselves: A New Age in B2B Buying

Ulrich Lifestyle Structures sells modular buildings like sheds, garages and cabins. An industry leader, they partnered with Threekit to modernize and streamline their buying experience.

Manufacturing/Modular Buildings
North America
100+ Employees

Features Used

  • 3D Configurator
  • Floor Plan View
  • Dimensions
  • Real-Time Pricing
  • Real-Time Quote Creation
  • Qualified Lead Generation

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Modular buildings are in an industry boom with more people wanting to customize their own shed, playhouse or free-standing office. But taking advantage of this increased demand proved challenging for Ulrich as they relied on direct contact with a salesperson to complete transaction. They needed a solution to streamline and empower buyers to build and buy their own custom structures online.


Ulrich turned to Threekit, not just because of our expertise in 3D configuration, but because we had a platform to manage all the complex business rules and logic necessary to guide an end user through the customization experience. Additionally, we plugged directly into their manufacturing process, providing the data to create documentation (sales BOM, assembly instructions and cut sheets) to kick-start manufacturing. The experience gives the buyer the ability to purchase on the spot or sends a highly-qualified lead to a sales representative who can follow up immediately.

Ulrich Case Study Overview

Buyer Experience

Ulrich Lifestyle Structures completely transformed their buying experience, enabling users to configure and price the structure they wanted. 

ulrich modern studio
Phase 1


Virtual Photography lifestyle images of all shed styles.

Phase 2


3D Configurator with guided experience.

Phase 3


Final floor plans to make sure it fits spec.

Phase 4


Configuration specs sent to dealer to create qualified lead.


Within a month of launch, Ulrich was up about 290% in dollars and 400% in units.

290% in dollars
290 %

in dollars

400% in units
400 %

in units