Case Study


Shark Tank Champ PRx Performance Uses 3D Configuration to Help Shorten Sales Cycle

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Shark Tank winners, Erik Hopperstad and Brian Brasch had one simple idea in mind when they pitched PRx Performance to the tank’s shrewd investors: Own the wall with their space-saving foldable and customizable gym racks. 

Erik Hopperstad, President, and Brian Brasch, CEO revolutionized the fitness industry by creating a convenient way for consumers to put a squat rack in their garage that could fold away for easy storage and that doesn’t take up more space than necessary.

The racks can be customized by size and color, storage sections, folding benches, and bar types. Maybe best of all, new equipment could always be added as the athlete evolved their workout.

Since 2013, PRx Performance has been changing the way people workout and with the growing preference for online shopping, the company began thinking about how to answer a common customer question, “but how will it fit in my space?”

How to support customers during the research stage and beyond

The customer support team at PRx Performance was keen on helping the customer better understand the compact setup quickly and decrease the number of questions up front.

Prior to the configurator, PRx did not have an adequate tool to help customers understand all of the product options available to build their home gym. 

The PRx Performance rack accessories are customizable to the PRO, and Profile®, options. After a customer chooses the squat rack that’s right for them, they are able to customize it with one of three pull-up bar options; multi-grip, kipping, and the straight pull-up bar.

And, they can visualize the equipment in THEIR home. With the visual display, customers can change wall width, ceiling height, and even see the available studs to picture what a home gym looks like in their unique space.

“Our equipment is hard to visualize and educating the customer about expansion opportunities due to the modular setup took a considerable amount of time. Our customer support team spends a lot of time educating the customer about the different racks, set up, additions, etc. Using a product configurator on our website will help with this initial research stage of the customer journey and educate them before they ever hop on a call with our team.” - Alex Johnson, Design and Experience Specialist

Long an Augmented Reality proponent, Alex Johnson, Design and Experience Specialist, dabbled with the AR & 3D capabilities built into their Shopify eCommerce platform, but quickly realized that PRx needed something more sophisticated.


Finding the right partner

When PRx Performance partnered with Threekit, they implemented a product configurator that had the power and high-grade rendering capabilities they were looking for. They are now able to visualize the staples of PRx product line with all of the pieces, additions, and color variations available including:

  • Mobile first, full room builder with dynamic pricing
  • Full drag and drop with dynamic bounding constraints
  • Dynamic wall width and ceiling sizing
  • Animated bench and rack fold
  • Location specific placement indicators (informs client where they can and cannot place products)
  • Fully custom UI
  • Nested configuration - allows user to dynamically see weight plate distribution on storage
  • Inventory monitoring - notifies and tracks items that are out of stock

Because of PRO Gym Builder, their customers are better equipped to learn about the product as they shop and customize their personal home gym or garage gym that best fits their needs and their space constraints.

“Threekit’s configurator capabilities are outstanding. Our team is very excited about where this will take our company. We are looking forward to helping alleviate the customer journey from the very beginning and give our customers a better understanding of our products. We think Threekit’s 3D configurator will help us achieve this and more. Now that customers can really see and engage with every piece of our product, we see sales increasing from packages and piece additions.” -Hannah Savoy, Marketing Specialist

With a better visual experience and pressure being taken off their customer service team, PRx Performance is owning the wall and their eCommerce experience.

“Threekit’s configurator capabilities are outstanding.

We are looking forward to helping alleviate the customer journey from the very beginning and give our customers a better understanding of our products.”

Hannah Savoy, marketing specialist