Case Study


Gat Creek & Threekit: Marketing Messaging for Retailers

Gat Creek leverages 3D configuration (including augmented reality), automated product photography, and live chat on their website to support consumer research and engagement both in-store and at home.

“For retailers, it becomes an extension of the showroom experience,” says Petersen. “A customer's biggest concern before purchasing furniture is not wanting to make a mistake. We allow them the opportunity to review all products and options at their own pace to supplement the in-store experience and make a purchase decision with confidence.”


3D visualization technology like Threekit extends the product catalog beyond the physical showroom floor, giving retailers and consumers visibility into every available option. This avoids a common pitfall for retailers who traditionally rely on manufacturers' catalogs—under-representing the full extent of products by only illustrating a few products in a few finishes, rather than all available product options.

Gat Creek highlights the key benefits of its new technology initiatives for retailers and their customers:

  1. Offer a premium consumer brand experience. The consumer differentiates and associates the retailer with an immersive, high-level shopping experience.
  2. Extend the showroom floor. Encourage consumers to explore a deeper product catalog—with every available product and configuration at their fingertips.
  3. Drive customer education and confident purchase decisions. Retailers extend the in-store experience to the home, with configurable 3D visuals, rich content including specification sheets, high-quality renders, product dimensions, augmented reality, and live chat.


The visualization solution connects to an eCommerce checkout, thanks to IronPlane, a Magento development agency, and Threekit partner. The eCommerce experience helps consumers browse, configure, and purchase a product and have the order fulfilled by their local retailer —  emulating the shopping experience offered by premium product retail chains. The result is an engaging brand experience that drives increasingly qualified business towards retailers while empowering consumers to find the perfect fit for their needs.


“This technology empowers the customer to shop when (any time of day) and where they want (in-store or at home). In some ways, the 3D technology extends the retailer’s store into the customers’ home.”

Gat Caperton CEO, Gat Creek

The impact was immediate, within seven weeks of launching 3D on their website, Gat Creek experienced a 134% increase in online Average Order Value and a 35% Conversion Rate increase.

Gat Creek leverages several facets of the Threekit Platform—including 3D visual configuration, augmented reality, and 2D rendering. Using Virtual Photographer™️, their talented art department self-manages product photography—over 200,000 product images—ensuring every product permutation is picture-perfect and consistent across their entire catalog.

“Our goal is to provide an indispensable marketing platform to build business for our retailer network so they can differentiate from and compete against the big players in the furniture market.”

David Petersen (Vice President Marketing and Sales, Gat Creek)